What is a Walmart Grant for Single Mothers?

What is a Walmart Grant for Single Mothers – When you are a single mom and searching for Walmart Grants, then you have to apply for the Walmart Community Giving program that is administered by the Walmart Foundation. Walmart Foundation gave around $1.3 billion. Also, you must note that education projects do not come under this program. But Walmart funds a few school initiatives to extend the Walmart program by providing better opportunities. They are also empowering the community.

If you are searching to submit an educational loan, then it should be submitted by section 501 (C)3 nonprofits. Also, you must understand that an organization’s primary focus area does not fit due to community engagement requests. The Walmart program for single moms differs from $25000. The Walmart state fundraising fund happens a few times a year.

The average program that is provided to single moms is around $40,000. The scholarship is primarily offered under the community of Walmart funding grant. The school-based organization that does not have any tax benefit may apply for scholarships that begin from $500 to $2500. You can also check for grants for single mothers.

The Walmart Grant for Single Mothers

The main aim of the Walmart Foundation is to help out the people by providing them with better living conditions. They also aim to provide opportunities to people so that they can improve their life. The Walmart grants for single others are offered to thousands of organizations, and the best thing is that the Walmart employees act as volunteers. In the year 2014, the donation made by the Walmart Foundation was more than $1.4 billion; apart from that, their employees also volunteered more than 1.25 million hours. There are mainly three areas that are targeted by the Walmart Foundation, and they are sustainability, opportunities, and community.

Walmart Grants For Food Pantries To Help Single Mothers

In several scenarios, it is not unusual for single moms to face financial crises with their kids. With the Walmart program for food pantries, single moms will have a healthy lifestyle by getting free food. A lot of low-income people from backgrounds and single moms have financial issues bringing food to their tables; that is the reason they suffer from hunger.

As part of a commitment to offering low-income backgrounds secure, healthy, and affordable food options, the Walmart grant offers funds to food pantries. Walmart food pantry programs are available through the open process of application for local nonprofits in the United States. For more details on emergency food stamps, you can check this community and Walmart grant for nonprofits.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart doesn’t offer direct grants to single mothers.
  • Apply to Walmart Community Grants for local businesses run by single moms (up to $5,000).
  • Goodwill’s Beyond Jobs program, funded by Walmart, provides job training and support for single mothers.
  • Grant funding supports organizations that empower single moms, not individuals.

Walmart Foundation’s Beyond Jobs Program For Single Mothers

Beyond Jobs is that type of grant run by Goodwill, and it is funded by the Walmart Foundation for around $2.5 million. The Walmart Foundation plans to create a new fund to help single moms to secure employment and succeed in the workstation. Several single moms have received a benefit from this fund by getting job training and jobs.

It is vital to note that getting a job is only the start. Through Beyond Jobs, a single mom gets planning, career assessments, job placement help, and job training. For this reason, Beyond Job offers financial help for single moms that include child care, nutrition help, and childhood education.

There are several single moms who have achieved this after the Beyond Jobs fund. You may provide a stable future to your loved ones if you make a career plan with Beyond Jobs. You can visit www.goodwill.org to get more details about the grant and apply.

Use of Walmart grants for single mothers

You must remember that Walmart’s rules exclude grants that include local and state fundraisers for athletic sponsorship, scholarships, and sporting events. Apart from capital campaigns, capital improvements, and construction projects are not eligible under the Walmart Program.

You must be aware that Walmart Grant does not offer any travel, fund contests, or contest tickets. They don’t do anything that has a negative impact on the company, and they also do not go against the community. It does not offer any funds to projects that get benefits from foreign countries.

Application for Walmart grants for single mothers

If you are searching for Walmart Program for single moms, then you may visit their official site. It is also necessary for you to mention the fund that you are applying for the funds. Also, it is compulsory for you to offer a detailed description of the fund, offer your contact details, and a profile of your organization.

You have to make them aware of how you use the free cash and what you will achieve while using it. It is necessary for you to explain to them your requirements and how the money will resolve the issue. You have to see that the people may be helped by your activity.

In many scenarios, the official website Walmart grant has an electronic application that may be granted, and another thing is that the candidates cannot submit additional details. You have to give an answer to the Walmart Foundation about your plan and execution. Once you are done with that, you have to make a detailed breakdown of how you use the budget.

If you wish to get more Walmart Community Program details, you may use the software called Cyber program. It may aid the fund winners in getting different types of advantages.

Eligibility Requirements For Walmart Grants For Single Mothers

The Selection Procedure

You should be in a private or K-12 public school, university, state college, junior college, private college, community college, and charter school. It is necessary to hold a tax-exempt under section 19 or 501 (c) (3) of the IRC or internal revenue code. Any church or faith-based organization following a proposed project to benefit and assist the community. Non-charity organizations that are well-known as 501 (c)(4), such as civic leagues, volunteer fire companies, and homeowner’s associations, are not eligible for the program. It must be an authorized government entity: county and state or city agency. It may also include law enforcement or fire departments that need grants for public betterment.

You may think about the process of selection that is followed by the management. At the start of the applications, they are first checked by management and then selected for funding suggestions. The final decision is taken by the facility managers. If an organization becomes eligible for the program, it may get informed through email.

Once the application is approved for the Walmart Foundation program, then it might take a few weeks to get the scholarship check to the given address. Also, to arrange formal recognition events, it is vital to contact the local amenity. The ultimate decision may be made by Walmart whether to offer the funds or not. The activities and reputation of the organization are also reviewed so that it matches the rules and regulations.

The Community Grant Program

The Walmart Foundation provides community funds that range from $250 to 5000. The cycle begins on 1 February and ends on 31 December. So, if you are searching for the Walmart program for single moms, you have to submit your application on the funding cycle. You have to be active for at least 90 days while applying for the program. Also, the foundation cannot submit or accept all the applications as the limit is set to only 25.

Walmart Community Grant Program Offering $5,000

If you are a single mom who is running any local company or working that benefits the community, then there is something for you. The Walmart Community program offers 5000 dollars to single moms as financial help. You may be interested in the community grant.

The community grant also provides 5000 dollars help, and there are different types of grants available for single moms from different categories. You can submit multiple applications for the organization.

You may visit the site to get all the details related to the program. You may also get comprehensive details about the scholarship if it is best for you. Once you know, you may proceed with the process of application.

Eligibility criteria for the program

The eligibility criteria for the program, single mothers must be needy and belong to a low-income background.

How to apply for the program

You can visit the local office address, submit the necessary details and apply for the program.


In this article, we discussed all the information about Walmart grants for single moms. As per a study demonstrated by the Census Bureau of the U.S., it is seen that 26 percent of kids stay with their single moms. Single mothers have different types of barriers, and they check for assistance grants. It is also seen that single moms are likely to be unemployed compared to married women. Also, in times of recession, the rate of unemployment of single moms increased by 13 percent.

This was among the highest that was recorded in the NWLC or National Women’s Law Center. So, it is vital to offer better opportunities to those who are not employed and going through a tough time. The Walmart program assistance to single moms to get back on life. The single moms will use the grant cash to support their businesses. The Walmart grants offer a range of opportunities to single moms to have a healthy life and take care of their families without thinking much.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a single mother, Can I apply for Walmart’s grants?

Are you are a single mom and looking for help, you may apply for Walmart Program. These programs will assist you in paying for the life necessities that your income cannot cover. The process of application is free and simple, but the threshold is strict.

Are there any grants for single mothers from the Walmart Foundation?

The Walmart grant offers grants to single moms so that they get help for their businesses, live healthy lives, and get back on track. Yes, single mothers go through different types of difficulties, and these programs will offer them assistance.

Are there any eligibility requirements for Walmart single mother grants?

Yes, there are a few specific eligibility needs for the Walmart Single Mother program. The eligibility needs have been mentioned in the above article. Also, if you fail to meet any threshold, you may not be approved for the Walmart Single Mother program.

What is the application process for Walmart Single mother grants?

When you are searching for a single mom grant, then you may visit their official site. You have to offer your contact details along with the program description that you are applying for. You have to explain to them how you are going to use the program.

Why does Walmart fund these grants?

Walmart grants to support single moms who are raising their kids on their own. They assist them in getting back on their feet, so they will offer for themselves and their kids.

Can Someone Apply For A Walmart Grant More Than Once?

You may apply for Walmart programs as many times as you wish. It is a need for the candidate to be a single mom, that is, a woman who stays alone with her children and does not have a partner.

How To Know If I Qualify For A Walmart Grant?

Many aspects consider eligibility. As a mom, you may be old or 18 years and the head of your household to become eligible. You also have to make less than $25000 as the household head.

Do I have to be employed to be eligible for the grants?

No, you do not have to be employed to be eligible for Walmart grants. If you are a single mother and do not work outside of the home, then it is a good idea to fill out an application and submit it as soon as possible. It is important that when filling out your application for Walmart grants for single mothers, you answer all questions with complete honesty.

Is there a restriction or limit to how many times someone can apply for a Walmart grant?

No, there is no specific limit to how many times anyone may apply for a Walmart program. The only thing is that the candidate should be a single mom that is defined by the Office of Management and Budget in the U.S. as a woman who stays with her kids and has no spouses present in the household.

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