Child Care Assistance Programs For Single Mothers

How To Get Child Care Assistance Programs For Single Mothers Single moms are always busy working to earn for their kids or attend college to pursue their education, so they need reliable, affordable, and safe daycare centers for their children. But, the expenses of daycares are beyond the reach of single moms with limited income and savings. Quality care makes a huge difference in the child’s readiness for school that impacts her or his success throughout school and later in life. It also gives peace of mind and helps single mothers as they have to work and make a living. The average fee for full-time care differs from $2500 to $20,000 every year, varying on where the family stays, the age of the kid, and the type of care. The government has come up with the best child care assistance programs for single mothers.

With only one income, the expense of child care is far out of reach for single moms, especially for those with two or more kids. CCAP or Child Care Assistance will assist families with these high childcare costs for low-income background moms that may not afford child care on their own.

The federal government provides childcare grants for single moms to assist them to compensate for the expenses of babysitting. They also provide their kids with a secure ambiance to spend the day they are well-trained, nurtured, and cared for. You can also apply for the best childcare grants and give the best daycare to your kid. You can also check 30 grants for single mothers for more information.

Child Care Assistance For Single Moms

Let us discuss the child care assistance programs available for single mothers:

Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)

Child Care and Block Development is a federal funding resource for daycare requirements for single mothers with a low-income background. They take grants for daycare services and get subsidies and enriched top-quality service for their kids. The grant programs make sure that professional training for childcare caregivers, an inspection of the childcare staff members, and constant security and safety of the kids.

Eligibility requirement for this program

Low-income single moms with a state median income of 85 percent are eligible for childcare assistance programs.

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, the process is simple and instant. You have to visit the website CCBG online and apply for the program.

State Assistance Programs

Child Care programs are allocated by every state for financially constrained moms. States have their individual eligibility rules and criteria. Depending on the income levels a reasonable amount is given to compensate for the daycare costs. Single moms can connect with the referral agency for more details

Eligibility criteria for this program

Single moms who are needy and have low income are eligible to apply for state assistance programs.

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, single moms should visit the local office near their place, fill out the application form and apply for the program.

Preschool Programs

Daycare programs are also available for single moms from preschool programs. Low-income mothers will take subsidized daycare or free services for their 3-4 years from nurseries, public schools, and kindergarten that are funded by the local, state, or even federal government.

Eligibility criteria to apply for this program

To become eligible for the program, single moms must be needy and belong to the low-income background

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, single mothers can visit the local office, submit the necessary details and apply for the program.

Child Care Development Fund

Financially deprived moms who take daycare programs will opt for the CCDF or Child Care Development Fund that provides $5.2 billion for upgraded daycare amenities. The grant fund is distributed among states, counties, and territories that allocate them to single mothers and eligible families. More than 1.8 million kids benefit from the grant every year and cherish being nurtured in a safe ambiance.

Eligibility criteria for the program

You must belong to a low-income background to become eligible for the program

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, you can visit the local office and apply for the program

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you work for a company that provides an FSA, funding and opening a dependent care FSA helps you to use pre-tax dollars up to $5,000 to become eligible for FSA costs such as preschool, after-school or day-care

FSA contribution limit was increased by $10,500 for couples and single filers filing jointly and for married couples by $5250 filing separately up from $2500

For anyone in the tax bracket of 24 percent, it means saving $240 for $1000 spent on dependent care with an FSA. The primary draw of an FSA is that the cash kept aside in the account is pre-tax that helps to lower the amount of your taxable income.

You may take a look for affordable daycare in the locality or childcare grants for single moms from the Department of Human Services office and the Department of Health. The other option is to consult the department of Public Welfare who may offer details about the way to apply, the guidelines, child care centers in the locality, and criteria for application.

What If I Don’t Qualify for Assistance?

If you have applied for childcare help in your state and don’t become eligible or there is a waitlist, you may have to search for a few lower-cost childcare options where you stay.

One such option is the FCC or Family Child Care Homes. The cost of care at an FCC home is less costly than at a child care center but rates within the local community will differ.

You can ask your CCR and R for a Family Child Care home. Once you have your list, ensure to ask about availability, and cost and to set up a visit.


Being a single mom, it is difficult to take care of their kids and work. Single moms have to go to work and take care of household responsibilities too. They have to go through a lot of pain. Child care is also important if they are alone and working, especially when they have no one to support them. So, the government has launched daycare assistance programs for single moms. Single mothers need different types of assistance such as housing, rent, finance, car, daycare, and much more. They cannot do everything themselves. The government understands the pain of single moms and so they come forward and help them in the best possible way to make their life easy. Single mothers have to work to secure their child’s future and for that, they have to work. If you are a single mom who is looking for help then you must apply for these programs.


How much does childcare pay per child in California?

Starting from August 2022, a small licensed family child care provider is $750 every month. And a huge licensed family child care provider is $900 every month. And the license-exempt child care provider is $125 every month.

What is the pay rate for a family caregiver in Washington state?

The average adult family home caregiver’s daily pay is $328 in Washington state, that is 100 percent above the national average.

Can single parents apply for 30 hours of free childcare?

If you are not working but you can take paid work within 31 days, you may apply for 30 hours, as long as you expect to meet the income threshold over the coming three months. If you are a single mom and meet the income threshold, you are eligible for 30 hours.

How many child benefits does a single mom get in the USA?

Families mostly get the full amount such as $3600 for every kid under 6 years of age and $3000 for every child between 6 to 17 age. To get funds to families, the IRS is sending families half of their CTC as monthly payments of $250 for every kid between 6 to 17 years of age and $300 for every kid under 6 years old.

How many hours does a single parent have to work on universal credit?

You can expect to work or spend a maximum of 35 hours a week searching for work. It may include some work-focused or training sessions too.

Can universal credit pay childcare upfront?

Parents who claim Universal Credit can get assistance with their childcare upfront so that they will quickly pay their next set of expenses. Parents who are increasing their work hours or moving into work will speak to their Universal Credit coach who will give more details.

What is a single parent carer?

Single moms are a caregiver or parent and one or more dependent kids without the support and presence of an adult partner or spouse who is sharing the duty of parenting. They are called single parent carers.

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