Best Walmart Grants For Single Mothers

Find a Best Walmart Grants For Single Mothers :Today in this article we are going to discuss and provide detailed information about the Best Walmart Grants for Single Mothers. As you already know , single mothers struggle a lot and they have to manage so many things at a time. The Walmart grants will help the single mothers to get their life back on track. You can find a Walmart Community Giving Program that offers grants for single mothers. Go through the article to get more information about these grants.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart grants are awarded to organizations, not individuals.
  • Eligible organizations include schools, charities, and government entities.
  • Grants range from $250 to $5,000.
  • Applications are accepted through the Walmart Foundation website during funding cycles.

Grants From Walmart For Single Mothers

When you are a single mother and looking for Walmart Grants then you need to apply for the Walmart Community Giving Program that is run by the Walmart Foundation. In the year 2013, Walmart Foundation donated around $1.3 billion. However, you should note that education projects do not come under this category. But Walmart does fund some school initiatives to extend the Walmart grants by offering better opportunities and also empowering the community.

If you are looking to submit an  Education loan then it must be submitted by 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofits. However, you should be knowing that sometimes a company’s main focus area does not fit because of community engagement requests. The Walmart State fundraising program happens at certain times in a year.  The Walmart grant for single mother  vary from $25,000 to $25,000. The average grant that is offered to single mothers is around $40,000.  The school-based organization or schools that do not have any formal tax-exempt status will be able apply for the scholarships that start from $500 and end at $2,500. The scholarship is mainly provided under Walmart’s local community funding program.

The Walmart Foundation

The main aim of Walmart Foundation is to help out the people by providing them with better living conditions. They also aim to provide opportunities to the people so that they can improve their life. The Walmart grants for single mothers are offered to thousands of organizations and the best thing is that the Walmart employees act as the volunteers. In the year 2014, the donation made by Walmart foundation was more than $1.4 billion. Apart from that their employees also volunteered more than 1.25 million hours. There are mainly three areas that are targeted by the Walmart foundation, they are sustainability, opportunities and community.

Use of Walmart grants for single mothers

You should remember that Walmart’s guidelines exclude programs including scholarships, athletic sponsorship for state and local, fundraisers and sporting events. Apart from those capital improvements, capital campaigns and construction projects are also not eligible under the Walmart Grants.

You should also be aware that Walmart does not provide any fund contests, travel or contest tickets. They do not do anything that has a negative effect on the company and they also do not discriminate against any community. Walmart also does not provide any funds to projects that benefit foreign countries.

Application for Walmart grants for single mothers

If you are looking for Walmart Grants for single mother then you can simply visit their official website. However, it is mandatory for you to provide your contact information, detailed description of the program and a profile of your organization. It is also important for you to mention the program that you are applying for the funds. It is also vital for you to explain to them about your needs and how money can solve the problem. You need to make them understand how you are going to use the free money and what you can achieve using it. You also need to look that the audience will be helped by your activity.

Once you are done with that you are required to make a detailed breakdown on how you are going to use the budget. You are required to provide an answer to the Walmart organization about your plan and execution. In most cases official website Walmart has electronic application that will be granted and another thing is that the applicants cannot submit additional information. If you want to get more Walmart Community Grants information, you can use the software named  Cyber Grants. This software will help the grant winners to get various types of benefits.

Eligibility Requirements For Walmart Grants For Single Mothers

The Selection Procedure

  • It is important to hold a current tax-exempt under Section 501 (c ) (3) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Must be a K-12 public or private school, state college, university, private college, community college, junior college and charter school.
  • A non charity consisting of organizations that are recognized as 501 (c ) (4)s like volunteer fire companies, civic leagues, and homeowner’s associations are not eligible for the grants.
  • A church or any other faith based organization following a proposed project to help and benefit the community.
  • It should be a recognized government entity: city agency, county and state. It might also include fire departments or law enforcement that need funds for public betterment.

You might wonder about the selection procedure that is followed by the management. At the beginning all the applications are reviewed by the management and then selected for funding recommendations. The final decision is made by the facility managers. If an organization qualifies for the grants they will be notified through email. Once the application is approved for the Walmart foundation grants then it will take around a few weeks to receive the scholarship check in the given address. To arrange formal recognition events it is important to contact the local facility. However, the ultimate decision will be made by Walmart whether to provide the grant or not. The organization reputation and activities are reviewed so that it matches with the terms and conditions.

The Community Grant Program

The Walmart Foundation offers Community Grants that range from $250 to $5,000. The cycle generally starts from February 1 and it ends on December 31. So, if you are looking for the Walmart grants for single mothers you need to submit your application on the funding cycle. Also, remember that applications generally remain active for 90 days. However, organizations cannot accept or submit all the applications as the limit is only set to 25.

Walmart Community Grant Program Offering $5,000

If you are a single mother who is working or running any local organization that benefits the community then there is some good news for you. The Walmart Community Grant Program is offering upto $5,000 to the single mothers as financial support. You might also be interested in the Community Grant Program. The community grant program also offers $5,000 to support such organizations. There are also various types of grant for moms that lie in different categories. The best thing is that you will be able to submit multiple applications for each organization. You can visit the website to find all the information regarding the qualification and application procedure. You can also get comprehensive information about the scholarship if it is well suited for you. Once you are aware of everything you can proceed with the application process.


I hope the article has provided you with all the information about Best Walmart Grants for Single Mothers.  According to the research conducted by the US Census Bureau, it is identified that 26 percent of children reside with their single mothers. The single mothers face various types of barriers and they look for assistance programs or grants. It is also seen that single mothers are more likely to be unemployed in comparison to married women. However, in the recession period the unemployment rate of single mothers increased by 12.3 percent. It was one of the highest that was recorded in the National Women’s Law Center. Therefore it is important to provide better opportunities to those who are unemployed and going through a difficult period. The Walmart Grants help the single mothers get their life back on track. The single mothers can use the grant money to support their business. The Walmart foundation provides a very big opportunity to the single mothers to live a better life and take care of their families without worrying much.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any grants for single mothers from Walmart foundation

Yes, the Walmart Foundation provides grants to the single mothers so that they can support their business and get their life back on track. Single mothers go through various types of difficulties and these grants can offer them some help.

Are there any eligibility requirements for Walmart single mothers grants

Yes, there are some specific eligibility requirements for Walmart Single Mothers Grants. The eligibility requirements have already been mentioned in the article above. However, if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements you will not be approved for the Walmart Single Mother Grants.

What is the application process for Walmart Single mother grants

When you are looking to apply for the single mother grant then you can straightly go to their official website. You need to provide your contact information along with the description of the program that you are applying for. You need to explain to them how you are going to use the grant. You can also use the software Cybergangs to know detailed information on the grant.

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