Non Profit Organizations For Single Moms 

Non Profit Organizations For Single Moms: Being a single mom is a herculean task. Between juggling responsibilities and providing for your little ones you have to take the added stress of being the primary caregiver. Many wonderful charities are working for single moms to help them get rid of poverty and lead a normal happy life. Single moms who are trying to make ends meet can seek assistance from the wonderful charities in the USA that offer a lending hand to needy people.

Key Takeaways

  • Numerous charities support single mothers in the USA.
  • Help ranges from financial assistance to mentorship programs.
  • Resources address basic needs, education, and childcare.
  • Search online to find a charity near you.

How To Find a Single Mom Organization Near Me?

Single moms are one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States of America who face several financial challenges. There are many ways to seek assistance as a single mom. Single moms who are looking for a charity near them should use the online search tool and apply for the ones that align with their needs. Charities and nonprofits in the USA have been a major source of financial assistance for low-income households especially single-parent families. You can contact the local offices or visit their official website to apply for the programs that they provide.

Organizations That Help Single Moms

Being a single mom is a herculean task as you have to constantly worry about taking care of your child’s needs, fulfilling the financial obligations of the household, and fulfilling other obligations. If you’re finding it difficult to make ends meet, seeking assistance through programs and resources provided by the government and nonprofit institutions in the USA will be a viable route.

1. Warrick Dunn Charities

This charity is dedicated to helping single families achieve the dream of homeownership. The organization has successfully furnished around 200 homes and has positively impacted people’s lives by providing them with stable and secure housing. The organization has raised around $5 million through donations. The charity continues its mission to provide ongoing support and assistance to single moms by receiving donations from individual donors and partners.

2. Single Mothers Outreach

This is a charity organization that focuses on providing inspiration, hope, help, and support to single moms and is one of the few nonprofit organizations that helps single moms exclusively. The nonprofit charity helps single moms get advice, emergency help, and support. The organization assists help on a long-term basis and you can also access training programs to provide a better life for your children. The organization inspired families by narrating successful stories of single moms who have achieved success with their assistance.

3. Mercy Housing

Housing is one of the major obstacles for low-income Americans including single moms. Poor Americans have to spend a significant part of their income to keep a roof over their family’s heads and fall below the poverty line. One of the most popular charities that enables single moms to keep a roof over their heads is Mercy Housing. Founded in 1981 the organization has assisted many households with affordable housing solutions. Overall this organization is a popular and helpful charity and if you are going through housing instability problems then you can approach this organization to get help. Women can also get gainful employment and pull themselves out of the risk of poverty.

4. Life Of A Single Mom

Jennifer McGuire founded the Life Of Single Mom charity in 2007. This is a national nonprofit charity that is committed to offering both practical and emotional support to struggling single moms in the USA. The organization offers a lot of services and church-based support groups to needy single moms allowing them to get connected to others. The charity has successfully impacted the lives of 750 thousand single moms positively. Single Mom University funded by Life of a Single Mom covers financial management tips, emotional wellness, and parenting practices for single moms and also holds nationwide events to facilitate supportive relationships and networking among single mothers. The organization focuses on three main areas: parenting, finances, health, and wellness.

5. MAIA Moms

This nonprofit organization strives to empower single moms by providing financial assistance, mentorship programs, and support groups. You can access the mentorship programs that will help them to get connected with the mentors near their area and get support through their pregnancy stage, childbirth, and beyond. Single moms can access financial assistance through their monthly grants program and pay for childcare expenses, utility bills, and transportation costs. The core programs provided by the organization include family advocacy, transitional housing, subsidy programs, life skills classes, group mentoring, and so on.

6. Helping Hands for Single Moms

There is a wide array of financial assistance and mentorship programs for single moms provided by this nonprofit organization. The programs assist with vehicles, scholarship money, medical, dental, and eye care for single moms, carpet cleaning, holiday gifts, haircuts, counseling, budget management, textbook purchase help, professional counseling, single mom network meetings, mentoring, tutoring assistance, tech assistance for software and computer and so on. The nonprofit organization also provides fellowship to single moms so that they can go back to school and attain self-sufficiency. Expectant single moms can also get support and financial assistance through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

7. The Single Parent Project

A popular nonprofit organization that offers financial support as well as mentoring resources to single moms is known as the Single Parent Project. The organization runs a program for single moms who are willing to go back to school and get connected to mentors in the field of study that they are passionate about. To seek assistance from this organization you need to undergo a free financial assessment, submit an application, and provide proof of household income. Even though the application process of the organization is a bit time consuming it is worth it. Some of the popular programs or services that you can get through this organization are youth support groups, a six-month program, educational support, sports and recreation, and so on. A scholarship competition is hosted by the project every year for single moms and dads who want to pursue higher education and are struggling to make ends meet.

8. The Salvation Army

This is a Christian charity that has been helping needy people since the 19th century. The Salvation Army offers assistance to single moms in crisis through holiday assistance, food banks, transportation help, and so on. The Single-Parent Program by the Salvation Army assists residents with utility and housing assistance, childcare, health insurance, and transportation. The charity provides educational programs like literacy training, GED programs, financial coaching, mentorship programs, and so on. Single moms can connect with mentors during their pregnancy or parenting stage. The Angel Tree program by the Salvation Army connects children to those who are willing to purchase gifts for holidays. If you need assistance, reach out to the local Salvation Army branch.

9. Cars4Christmas

Single moms in the USA who need dependable second-hand cars urgently for employment-related reasons can seek assistance from this charity. Cars4Christmas receives donated vehicles and cars that they repair and distribute to low-income qualified applicants including single moms. Cars4Christmas charity covers transportation assistance and helps many other groups like military veterans, seniors, low-income families with children, disabled individuals, and so on.

10. Feeding America

One of the oldest nonprofit organizations that is running the largest hunger relief charity in the USA is Feeding America. The organization collects excess food and offers it to low-income single-parent families and poor individuals who are suffering from food insecurity. Feeding America controls more than 200 food banks across the country. Although Feeding America does not target single moms specifically it serves all needy Americans. It is one of the most popular nonprofit charities that helps single moms meet their ends and get a balanced diet. Generally Feeding America offers help for a short time however depending on your need you can also qualify for long-term support.

11. 1-800-Charity Cars Non-Profit Organizations For Single Moms

Single moms are under extreme economic hardship and pressure while fulfilling parental obligations alone. Most of them are unable to afford a car as they are financially challenged. 1-800-Charity Cars is the leading and largest car donation charity in the United States which has offered 9000 donated vehicles. The nonprofit organization is popular for its humanitarian efforts and works to uplift poor individuals, single-parent families, and underserved people. The mission of the organization is to offer roadworthy cars and vehicles and help single moms attain self-sufficiency and economic stability. Irrespective of your area of residence you can apply for a free car ownership program from this organization.

12. Hope Station

A Tennessee-based nonprofit organization that focuses on mental support and financial assistance to working moms and single mothers of minor children is the Hope Station. The organization was founded in November 2014 with the mission to help vulnerable populations who are unable to qualify for any type of assistance from the government. This charity provides a wide area of financial aid to those who are struggling with utility or rent bills. The Hope Station allows single moms to focus on their future and lead a better life with confidence.

13. The Singletons

This nonprofit organization known as The Singletons is committed to supporting single moms and dads who are battling cancer and provide them a light of hope, strength, and important community resources. This organization was established in honor of a single mom Michelle Singleton who lost her life while battling cancer. The organization provides volunteer work and donations to provide help and financial assistance to single-parent families. The eligibility criteria to receive assistance from this organization include a signed document of their plan, being a single mom, and having a child below 18. Once you fill out the application form and fulfill the eligibility criteria the Singleton organization will call you for further steps. Single moms in Arizona will find this organization to be a great help.

14. Cause We Care

This charity does not reach out to single moms directly to support them and assist them in times of need however it runs funds to support nonprofit organizations and charities that help moms and this fund is known as the Single Mother Support Fund. The organization relies on a big network of charities that recommend single moms for assistance and support. Grants from the fund help single moms cover computer equipment, clothing, health costs, food, transportation, and so on. Single moms can find the eligibility criteria on the official website of Cause We Care and also learn the application process to receive help from the charity organization.


Single moms have to face unique financial challenges while surviving on one source of income. Many wonderful charities are working throughout the United States of America which help them to escape unemployment, and domestic violence and get assistance with their day-to-day needs. Whether you are a young single mom seeking parenting guidance or a low-income single parent facing problems in providing necessities to your children, the above-mentioned charitable organization provides unwavering help and will help you get your life back on track.

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