Transitional Housing For Single Moms

Single mothers find it challenging to provide for their families due to economic reasons. Being a single mom is not easy as they have to carry a lot of responsibilities starting from putting tables on the food to providing safe and secure housing for their families. This is why the local, state, and federal governments and many other agencies offer financial support and housing assistance to make their life easy. There are a plethora of housing support services and programs which homeless families and single mothers can avail to eradicate homelessness. Emergency shelters, transitional shelters, and permanent supportive housing programs are designed by governmental and non-governmental organizations in the United States to meet the immediate housing needs of single mothers and the homeless population and enable them to seek permanent housing for their families. Transitional shelters offer temporary residences to single moms for 6 to 24 months if they’re living on the streets or experiencing homelessness. 

What Are Transitional Housing For Single Moms?

Transitional housing offers temporary shelters and other supportive services to helpless families and single mothers experiencing homelessness or at risk of getting evicted. Transitional housing programs can significantly affect the financial situation of individuals. The main objective of the transitional housing program is to offer support so that individuals can attain financial stability and quickly move to permanent housing. The transitional housing projects also cover housing costs and overall support services. Eligible participants of transitional housing programs must sign a lease or sublease, which mentions all the terms of their stay and the services they will receive. 

What Are The Benefits Of Transitional Housing For Single Moms?

Transitional housing programs support single moms by providing temporary shelter and assistance to seek permanent housing. These programs enable them to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. Transitional housing participants receive support with employment services, substance abuse, childcare, and many other fields. Temporary shelters can get back on their feet and improve their financial situation. Many women opt for transitional housing to escape from abuse and domestic violence. The following are the benefits that transitional housing provides to the homeless population:

1. Job Assistance

The mission of transitional housing programs for single mothers and homeless individuals is to make them self-sufficient. These programs help them to obtain permanent homes. The first and foremost step to securing permanent housing is to locate suitable employment opportunities. This is the reason why many transitional housing programs offer assistance to recipients with interview techniques, resume writing, job search and in other ways.

2. Self Esteem

The benefits received through transitional housing programs help to build self-esteem and confidence among the recipients. They get a sense of purpose to rebuild their lives and secure their future. Transitional housing programs provide them with emotional and spiritual support to gain a sense of hope to move forward in their lives.

3. Substance Abuse

Transitional housing programs provide support to victims of substance abuse. Substance abuse is a serious area of concern for the homeless population. These programs provide them with adequate support and care so that they can stay away from substance abuse and get sober in life. These programs also help them transition into secure and permanent housing.

4. Prevention Of Harmful Diseases

Transitional housing programs are designed mainly for homeless people who are living on the streets and have no roof over their heads. As a result, most of them live in unsanitary and unhygienic conditions and suffer from many diseases. Transitional housing enables them to access hygienic resources, clean water for drinking and bathing, and many supportive services to avoid drug-associated diseases and STDs.

Transitional Housing Programs For Single Moms

Transitional or temporary shelters offer a broad spectrum of supportive services to candidates to improve their financial situation. Single moms and low-income families get assistance through these programs to obtain permanent and secure housing as quickly as possible. If you’re a single mom and going through domestic or economic then you can seek the following transitional housing programs and supportive services:

1. The Salvation Army

Single mothers who need transitional shelters should approach their local Salvation Army Office. Transitional shelters at Salvation Army offer them a secure, warm, and decent place to stay. Transitional housing programs by the Salvation Army cover homeless children, single mothers, and men. The organization runs many housing assistance programs, such as transitional living centers, homeless shelters, emergency housing facilities, family shelters, and group homes. Transitional housing programs run by the Salvation Army are designed to transition homeless people into a permanent housing situation. These transitional housing programs also come with other facilities like childcare, case management, substance abuse counseling, referral to resources, employment assistance, etcetera. Not only shelter, but the organization also strives to supply beds, shelter, food, hygiene resources, and other necessary elements to homeless Americans combined with emotional, spiritual, and physical support. 

2. The Father’s House

Father’s House offers transitional housing programs for single moms who are living in tragic circumstances with their children and are experiencing homelessness. Single mothers can approach Father’s House if they’re experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence, devastating circumstances, medical emergencies, or loss of job. Single mothers are also provided financial counseling through different programs offered by the Father’s House to achieve permanent housing and financial independence. 

3. GRACE Transitional Housing Program

GRACE Transitional Housing Program covers homeless families, individuals, and single mothers. The program works to enable these homeless populations to rebuild their lives and attain self-sufficiency. This transitional housing program not only offers homeless people stable and clean housing but also helps them to achieve their financial and career goals by providing them with intensive case management. The transitional housing case managers use multiple measures to track people’s progress toward educational, behavioral, and financial modification goals. The transitional apartments used as housing for transitional housing participants are furnished with donated housewares and furniture.

4. The Kitchen

This local nongovernmental organization aims to help single mothers and homeless families with transitional housing and emergency shelters. Single mothers should meet the eligibility criteria of the Kitchen Program to become qualified. The organization not only helps them with housing assistance but also enables them to get back on their feet and secure stable and permanent housing.

5. Wayfarer House

Wayfarer House offers transitional housing assistance to single-parent families and single moms experiencing homelessness. When you enter the transitional housing program offered by Wayfarer House, you will get the ability to move towards financial independence as you receive case management services, as well as health resources, parenting skills, and job assistance.

6. FYSB, The Family And Youth Services Bureau

This transitional housing program provides medium-term housing assistance to pregnant women and single homeless parents. Single mothers who are between the age of 18 to 21 having two children can apply for this transitional housing program. The maximum length of stay in this program is up to 18 months. This program not only offers them shelter but also a wide variety of supportive services like life skills, case management, child development coaching, job assistance, school enrollment, and other therapies. This transitional housing program provides eligible participants with the proper assistance and guidance to promote financial stability and self-sufficiency. 

7. The Bridge Of Hope

Stable and secure housing is an essential need for every individual. The Bridge Of Hope organization is committed to offering critical support and housing services so individuals can remain housed and prevent homelessness. The transitional housing programs offered by the Bridge Of Hope organization enable residents to get a safe, supportive, and warm environment. Qualified candidates have access to many onsite services like medication management, therapeutic groups, and case management. Single mothers and the homeless population who get qualified for the transitional housing program through this organization will get housing assistance for many years, depending on their financial situation.

8. Home Start, Inc. 

Home Starts offers rapid rehousing, transitional housing, domestic violence services, and housing navigation for individuals facing homelessness or at high risk of homelessness. The transitional housing and other assistance programs provided by Home Start Inc. enable individuals to get stable and safe housing and become self-sufficient.

9. REAL Life Community Services

This organization offers transitional housing programs for single moms who are facing homelessness. This program provides a bedroom to all eligible candidates for up to twelve months. Single mothers and their children can reside in these transitional housing and receive guidance and mentorship from the organization’s professional staff, who will help them with job skills, parenting skills, and financial budgeting.


Transitional housing programs for single mothers provide housing assistance to homeless residents, single moms facing forced eviction, or those at risk of homelessness. These transitional shelters can be temporary; however, they help single moms and other needy families improve their occupational skills until they become economically independent. The program offers them safe homes, access to education, and other basic needs and also empowers them to become self-sufficient and improve their financial condition. If you’re a single mom looking for housing assistance, you can use the transitional housing programs mentioned above to meet your housing needs.

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