How to Get Federal Pell Grant for Single Mothers

How to Get Federal Pell Grant for Single Mothers  In this article, we will discuss about How to get federal grant for single mothers. If you are single mom taking education then there are several financial help are available to decrease your education expenses. You don’t have to worry at all about managing your household expense, child’s expense or even living expense. There are Pell Grants available for single mothers.

There is an increase in the number of non-traditional students in schools and universities across the country, to strengthen their credentials or even finish their degree. Whatever may be the purpose, it is good that the number of applications for federal pell grant for single moms has increased.

Many of the government grants available for single mothers are deemed need-based, there are a few grants given on merit basis. Grants are given as several single moms are trying to manage the demands of job and family. Federal grant are among the widely used and durable forms of financial help for students. As the federal government rewards more grants than any other body, it must be the first stop for all college students that include single moms who need financial help. Single mothers who are old than other students are enrolling in school in unprecedented numbers. You may also check Can I Put My Child For Foster Care.

Free Application for Federal Student Help or FAFSA

To get awards, single mothers should submit the free application for federal student help online. Free application for federal student aid is the first level in the system to apply for federal help.

Eligibility criteria for FAFSA

Let us discuss the eligibility criteria for FAFSA includes:

  • One should report their income proof and parent’s assets to take the advantage
  • You should offer information about your family such as the number of members, assets and income
  • Also, your parents might also claim you file FAFSA as a deduction on the federal income tax return as a dependent student. Your parent’s financial condition is neglected, when you file your FAFSA as an independent student. Also, it is a critical distinction for single moms who are self-sufficient and are eligible for huge grants.
  • Every year, the states have their own deadlines or the federal filing deadline is 30th June, so your school’s location might force you to submit sooner. Also, the FAFSA might be submitted at any time after 1st Jan of the academic year in that you are enrolled.
  • The details on your FAFSA is used to calculate the expense of your education and calculate your EFC or expected family contribution.
  • Single moms who wish to pursue higher education might get financial help if they file early. You may file your FAFSA after the first year if you face any financial issues due to tuition fees. Also, every school uses your SAR to build a formal financial assistance to provide letter that summarizes the complete range of financial assistance that the school might offer. At the end, EFC involves your formal student help report that is sent to universities and colleges that you think are attending. EFC calculates the percentage of the expenses of school.

How to apply for FAFSA

There are three methods to apply and submit a FAFSA application:

  • You may print and finish the PDF that might be downloaded at Also, ensure to complete the form to federal student help programs, PO BOX 7002, Mount Vernon, IL 62864-0072
  • You may apply at online. The federal student assistance advises this approach as it is the simple and quick method to apply.
  • You must request that FAFSA paper is mailed by calling (319)337-5665, (800)433-3243 or even the HITL or hearing impaired ticker line at (800)730-8913.

Federal Pell Grant

The United States of America education department offers student loans and subsidies to help defray the escalating cost of College in USA. College-bound students may have to augment their education funds with a public, grant or private organization.

There are various federal student programs like PLUS, Stafford and Perkins loans, provide students a chance to safe their education loans at the best terms and rates. These education loans has helped many students to choose their career and they do take the loan with a promissory notes to repay the loan amount with interest rates.

The Pell grant is a federal grant that needs no return as long as the student meets the eligibility criteria needed in the college grant throughout their term. The loan schemes are used to help students to pay their tuition fees. Also, the Pell grant is unique among the government loan programs where you don’t have to repay the loan. You have to study hard and achieve your dreams and it is the most important thing. The prime purpose of offering the Pell grant is to help single mothers who wish to study.

Also, students who wish to take education and needs financial help may take help of the Pell grant.

Eligibility criteria for Pell grants

The EFC or expected family income is calculated to become eligible for Pell grants. You have to offer income proof and complete household financial information to become eligible for the program. If you become eligible for the Pell grant then the award money is decided as follows:

EFC assessment:

Part-time participation or full-time participation

When you know that private college fees is more than $29,000 every year and a college or university fees is half of that, the financial challenges of the low-income background single moms become clear. There are many students who get the Pell grant every year. The majority of students who get Pell grant has annual income less than $26,000/

The Federal Grant Program is still being funded and amended but it is offered mostly to low-income background people. The Pell grant was created to help students overcome their financial challenges and help them educate. The reward amount differs varying on the political and economy atmosphere.

How to apply for this program

The application process is straightforward and easy. To apply for a federal Pell grant

program, you must first complete and submit the FAFSA. Make sure to submit the necessary documents along with the application process and they will do the rest for you.

Child Benefits and Pell Grants for Single Mothers

You should declare the upkeep for all your kids if you have more than one. If you get child support, you should tell this in the Pell grants application for single mothers. If your kid’s father offers an additional help such as money or supplies, it will not be considered in this program. You have to show proofs that your child support is offered legally to you by the court and you may have to submit divorce judgment or separation agreement.

What are the maximum pell grant offered to single mothers?

The  maximum Pell grant given to single moms is $5,500 for 2012-2013. The grant may differ depending on your income proof, status of grant and total expenses needed. Your university or college will directly get the money before the start of the semester. Pell grant students might also become eligible for different private loans and government programs to assist their college education. The financial help department of your college will disburse amount that is not used for your college fees to the student.

To fully finance the tuition fees, mostly students have to depend on a combination of scholarships, government or private loans and grants. While the Pell Grant assist low-income students, it doesn’t pay all of their education cost.

Use of Pell Grants

If you become eligible for a Pell Grant, your college may use your FAFSA details to compile a student grant letter and amount of the grant money that is rewarded to you or even package detailing. The last step is to follow the instructions of your college to get proper details. Also, your college may use your Pell grant funds for the fees that you have to pay or outstanding amount. The rest of the amount will be given directly to you. Pell grant amount is sent directly to the college. So, you don’t have to worry about anything once you become eligible for the program. You will be rest assured once you become eligible for the program.

Your college or university may also split the Pell grant into two payments. It depends on university or college how they split the grant. Many a times they split grant for every semester. Make sure to use this Pell grant wisely and take this as an opportunity and educate yourself to get best life for you and your child. The Pell grant gives importance to single mothers and they keep as priority. They understand that it is difficult for the single mother to live with a child and live their life. They want single mothers to apply and educate themselves to get a better quality of life to their kids and themselves too.


In this post, we discussed about the Pell grants for single mothers. We have mentioned everything in detail about the grants available for single mothers to take education. The grant is offered by United States education department for single mothers and people from low-income background to study. They must take benefit of this program. Government understands that life of single mom is hectic and they must plan their lives ahead and make a better future for their kids. Education gives direction, improves lives and makes us independent. Government knows that it is important to help these single moms stand on their feet. So, they have come up with various grants, scholarships, educational programs for single mothers and people from low-income background. One such program is Pell grants for single mothers. It is simple and easy to apply for the program and you don’t have to undergo any hectic process. Government is there to help you financially, you have to work hard and study to get a bright future. These Pell grants offer help to single mothers or low-income background families with less than $26000 household income. They ensure to pay your tuition fees and offer you the best help financially. If you know any single mother who wish to take her further education and need help then please share this post with them.


We have ensured to answer the frequently asked questions on Pell grants for single mothers. You may go through the question and answers to get any additional details for Pell grants. The question and answers has been listed here:

  • How to apply for a Pell grant for single mothers?

If you wish to apply for a Pell grant education program for single moms, you should complete FAFSA form. You may also have to complete if you are opting for a student loan. There are a few scholarship where you have to provide FAFSA details even if they are not authorized by the government. You may complete the process of application once a school year continues to get your grant and in this way, you will have less pocket expenses.

  • Do all single mothers are eligible for Pell grants?

Being a single mom does not gives guarantee that you may get a full-time or part-time Pell grant. The Pell grant is given to family with low-income background. If you fit in this category that you have low income then you become eligible for the Pell grant. Also, if you need financial help then only they will offer Pell grant.

  • What does FAFSA includes?

Financial help includes grants like the Pell grants for people with low-income background, no-interest loans, single mothers or federal work-study related programs. The FAFSA has Federal acronym in it. It means to apply for many state programs and get scholarships, grants or assistance.

  • What is the first step to apply for FAFSA?

The first thing to apply for FAFSA is to complete the application process. The application process is simple and easy and you don’t have to worry about anything. Every year the closing date is 30th June or 1st  October. So, ensure to apply before the deadline to qualify for the Pell grant and other grants that are available.

  • What type of single mom Pell grants are available?

Pell grants for single moms are given to post-graduate programs and also undergraduate programs. The doctoral programs are not applicable for Pell grants. Also, you may have to apply for single mothers government help for grants that includes academic progress, your college that you will attend. So, ensure that you fulfil these criteria to become eligible for the single mothers Pell grants

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