Single Fathers Grants Assistance Programs

How to Apply for Grants and Assistance Programs Available for single fathers – As soon as we hear the word child, the next word that strikes our head is the mother. We often tend to forget fathers. Just because the mother has carried the child for nine months, does not lessen the love and care the father has for his children. When u are a dad, things are hard and they become harder when you have to do it all by yourself. If a man has to raise the child by himself, there could be many reasons for it. Either he might be a divorcee or a widow. Whatever may be the reason, the huge responsibility of parenting is on him. He has to be a mother and father for his child.

Single dads deserve more respect than they get. Sometimes, it’s good to appreciate dads for all they are striving for. The journey of every single dad is different from another. Sometimes being a single dad is harder not in terms of becoming a mom but in terms of money. Some might have circumstances that are different from others. Rising a child is difficult and doing it when you no strong financial assets, becomes a tough challenge. To support such single dads, some certain programs and organizations provide grants. The government of the country avails funds to all the non-profit organizations that give assistants with single father’s grants. When we talk about assistance, it’s not just financial. Food assistance, assistance in terms of shelters is also given by these organizations. The article will take you through all the grants that can help single fathers.

What grants are available for single fathers?

Non-profit organizations, churches, and charities provide grants to support single fathers. These grants provide assistance to them in terms of shelter, house, basic needs, education, and food. These grants are different from the grants for single mothers. If you are a single father then make sure that you go through these grants one by one.

Basic Need Grants For Single Fathers

A single father is the most burdened one as he has to take care of his child along with the other family members. He has to pay electric, utility, medicine, water bills that are not possible when the salary is for low income. The poor economic conditions add lots of burden on single dads. The federal government makes sure that it supports such fathers in their critical moments. The federal government pays all its bills related to electricity, medicine, and other utilities. This program is also available for the single mother who needs any grants .It also provides food and shelter assistance. Various grants are made available for these poor families and children through non-profit organizations and charities.

Local Churches Grants For Single Father

Churches support the children of God. They provide assistance to every human that is in poor condition. When it comes to helping single dads, the church tries to do its best in proving free food, rental assistance, and paying many bills that have to be paid. Consider the single dads as the member of the church, they help them and support them as a family.

Now you might be thinking that the churches serve and worship gods, then how to manage to arrange the funds! The local churches get their funds from the government of the country. If you need help, reach out to churches in your locality and explain to them your problem. The authority of local churches will surely try to help the single fathers who suffice their eligibility criteria.

Food Assistance For Single Fathers

Food is one of the most basic needs for a human. Some people are not fortunate enough to avail a meal for themselves. When these people include single dads, the conditions become even worse as they have to feed their children too. The government offers different food assistance programs to feed the bellies of such people and their families. Some of the programs are-


Official website EAP stands for Emergency Food Assistance Program. This program is run by the federal government. Single fathers may seek food from them if they do not have money to buy it.


The National School Lunch Program feeds the needy ones. They aim to provide proper food and nutrients to the ones who need it. They focus on availing nutrition-rich food for children in schools. So, if you are unable to provide food to your child, you can seek for their help. Apply to NSLP they can save your child from suffering from Malnutrition. They reach out to schools that are in poor condition and avail lunches for the children studying there.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is popularly called a Food Stamp. You can avail food from them if you have an EBT card. If you are a single father, you can enroll in this program. Once you pass the eligibility test, you will be provided with an EBT card. You can do food and grocery shopping with the help of this card. The EBT cards can be only used in EBT designates grocery stores that are linked visit SNAP.

Housing Grants For Single Fathers

When it comes to providing a free or rented shelter for single fathers, there exist many organizations that do that. Here is a list of some of them-

Section 8 Voucher

If you are a single father earning a considerably low salary, you can find rental assistance from the official website Section 8 Voucher. They help in paying the rent cost to the landlord. This program has certain eligibility criteria. The applicant must be a single father with a low yearly income. His yearly income should be less than 80% of the annual gross income. You also need to provide tails regarding the family members. They look after the cases very precisely and only grant the authentic ones. Only apply to this program when you genuinely need money.

HUD Rental Assistance

Many single fathers face eviction when they fail to pay their rent. This places them in a critical condition as now they have to worry about providing shelter to their child and family. If he is from a poor economic background, renting a hotel is also out of the option. To save them from such miserable conditions, HUD provides assistance with rent money. Official website HUD Rental Assistance Program falls under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. That means, the government body of the control holds the responsibility to pay the rent. The rent is directly paid to the landlord and all the renting costs of a house are borne by the government.

Government Subsidized Housing

It is another program that is run by the government to help single fathers. The program is similar to that of the Voucher 8 program. It provides a living place to all the homeless people. They make sure that the place is going enough and habitable for the children to lead a secured life. If you want some government body to pay your rent, this program is for you. You can check the eligibility criteria for the program. If you pass the test, they will provide you various housing options. You can select the area that fits your requirements. They also provide privately-owned housing. A privately-owned house is where the programs will pay your partial rent. So, if you are from a low-income family and paying the entire rent is a tough job for you, then you can opt for this housing program. They make sure they avail housing for low-income people at very low rates.

The Continuum of Care Program

This program also supports all the single fathers that need a shelter. This organization is run by the government to avail instant housing for single fathers. They also build houses and provide them to single fathers on a lease basis. The Continuum of Care Program aims the safe relocation of the single father’s kids to avail a good house where they can live peacefully. They aim in preserving the mental health of those poor children who only have a single- parent.

Public Housing

These public Housing programs are made to help low-income families. The Public housing authority helps those who fit into their low- income criteria with proper houses. They check your family size and your annual income before providing the houses to you. Single-fathers from low-income families can secure a house for their families through this program. If you are searching for a house in your area, contact and dig out some information about local public housing in your vicinity.

State Grants

Another option to avail housing assistance is from the State Grants. Several grants are run by the government in your state. One should apply a portion of grants for single dads when opting for other housing assistance programs.

Educational Grants For Single Fathers

If you are a single father and were not able to finish your education in the past, here is an opportunity to finish it now. If you aspire to study more despite being a single father from an economically low- background, here is good news for you. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity grants provide money to single fathers who want to complete their education. The grant money varies from $100 to $4000. You just need to go through the application procedure. As the procedure is the same as that of federal student aid, you may visit the federal student aid office to fill the form. Just make sure that you are able to give a right and valid reason regarding why you left your education in the middle.

The Federal Pell Grant

The grant is popular for helping single mothers but single fathers can also avail help from them. They have various plans to support the single fathers who are struggling with low salaries to make their ends meet. The fathers, who had to stop their education because of some financial constraints, are provided the opportunity to restart their higher studies. As soon as their education completes, they can apply for high-income jobs that will stabilize their financial condition. Single fathers can apply for this grant by filling an application form.

The National SMART Grant

SMART stands for Science and Math Access to Retain Talent. As the name suggests, this national program provides the opportunity to all those people who had a break in their higher education. This is specifically for the third and fourth-year Pell Grant students. They offer grants to the students based on their merit. They promote the students to continue their education in the field of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, and foreign language. As, they provide grants based on merit, the students with GPA equal to or more than 3 can get an educational grant of $4000 every year.

Academic Competitiveness Grant

Students who have been meritorious in their school or college life and are facing financial constraints now are being helped by this Grant. Students who had to leave their education in the year 2005 or 2006 can get this grant if they want to resume their higher studies. The money from the grant is different for students studying in different years. Students in the first year get $750 whereas the student in the second year gets $1300. If you are a single father you need to fill a free application form for Federal Student called as FAFSA. The grant money is enough to support the education.

Bruce and Marjorie Sundlun Scholarship

Rhode Island Foundation runs this scholarship program for the people residing on this island. This program was an establishment for developing the community through education. The grant scholarship amount given by the foundation is $2000. They support people who want to continue their education so that their community can grow.

Capture the Dream, Inc. Single Father Scholarship

Capture the Dream program fulfills the educational dreams of people. They assist the complete education of an individual through the scholarship. The Scholarship amount provided by them is $1000. If you are a single parent, who has the will and strong determination to complete your education, this program can surely help you.

Bernie Murray Scholarship

Bernie Murray Scholarship is a scholarship program that aims to help single parents with their higher education. By providing them the financial assistance, they promote single parents to resume their education. They want to benefit the families residing in Vermont. If you are a resident of Vermont and have a low income, you can surely opt for this scholarship program. The other eligibility criteria include that the single parent who is applying for the scholarship must be able to provide the information regarding custodial rights of his child.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Single parents residing in Arkansas can get benefits from this scholarship program. These funds will help single parents in pursuing higher education. The goal of this program is to promote the single parents to find their education and attain high-income jobs. Check out their eligibility criteria before applying for the scholarship grant.

State Grants for single father

A country has various states –level programs that are particularly designed for single fathers. One such state grant is the Cal Grant. This grant is available for the residents of California. One must be able to produce the documents illustrating the family size and annual income of the individual to pass the eligibility test set by the state. You can also visit their official website to obtain more information.

How Can A Single Father Benefit From The Grants Quickly?

If you are a single parent and are leading a suffocating life, you can give a thought about these grants. These grants will not only help you in overcoming your financial constraints but also will help you in giving a better future to your child. When you are in such debt, it is normal to think of ways that can provide you some quick help. Obtaining these grants is not a difficult task. You can apply for them and in no time you will be getting the promised assistance. The government, organizations, churches, and various agencies are there to help you and your children. If you are able to explain your poor financial conditions to them, they will surely help you if your suffering is genuine enough. They will provide help with everything right from food, education, shelter, etc.

If you portray the right story of your child’s suffering, they will surely get convinced.

Do not make stories just for the sake of making them. Make sure that every word you speak is true. You could not fool the organization by giving misinformation. If your need is the genuine one, your chance of getting the grants will surely increase. Thus, making your grants process to be real quick.

How Grants For Single Fathers Work?

Being a single father is difficult as you are the wage earner plus the mother and father of your children. When your income is low, the job becomes even more challenging. A child has many expenses like feeding, schooling, higher studies, etc. Many single fathers find it difficult to manage their finances and as a result of it, everybody in the family suffers.

As the Covid-19 has hit the world, many people have lost their jobs. Single fathers comprise a large part of such unemployed people. They are searching for more mediums to find jobs and start earning as soon as possible. Till the time, you are searching for a job; you can assist your family by applying to various programs and organizations that provide grants to single fathers. The grant amount is the money given by the non-profit organization, churches, agencies that you never have to repay. It is called as free government money as this money is provided to them by the government of the country.

So, as you now know that certain programs will provide you any type of assistance in your hard times, you should apply to them as early as possible. It’s a matter of minutes to search for the organization that best fits your needs. You just have to pass the eligibility test of the respective organizations and if the jury finds your suffering genuine, you will be provided grants in a short period. Try to keep your request as authentic as possible because the grant is given to those who really need it.

Every organization or agency has a different set of eligibility criteria the single father has to go through the process to ensure the fact that he is eligible for the grant. Documents like your annual income, current income status, birth certificate, and your residential or current location address have to provide along with the application form.

What Can A Single Father Do To Be Financially Sound?

Being a single father, you should realize the huge responsibility that you bear. You are solely responsible for your child’s future. So, in order to make their future better, you should try to be more cautious in your present. Try to save as much money as possible. Take control of your life and lead it in the right direction. Here are some steps that will surely help you in maintaining your finances.

Make sure that you don’t debt yourself more. If your income is low, there is no need to go for extra savings like insurance, credit card application, or mortgage planning. Try to focus on your present and start investing in your present day. You can apply for all these services once you have a good stable income.

Focus on improving your income. Nowadays, when the expenses are more than your salary, it’s very important to have more than one income source. Try for enhancing the income from different sides. Your salary may not be sufficient to support and pay phone bills, internet bills, medicinal bills, or any childcare-related costs. So, you have to think of ways from which you can generate income from multiple sources. In this way, you can have a perfect balance between your income and expenses.

Try not to spend money on unnecessary things. When you are a single father and the only wage-earner in your family, it’s very important to maintain a budget. A budget will show you where your all money is going. In this way, you can focus and cut out on your unnecessary expenses.

Make right use of credit cards. Credit cards are easy to go ATM. If you have a credit card, there are high chances that you will take out the money in your bank account. The frequency of taking out cash also increases. So, it’s better to use credit cards only when it’s very important. Don’t use it every time you go out to buy something.

Set your goals. A human being should have a goal in life that will help them in moving forward. Goals bring a sense of discipline also. You need to set goals like ensuring a better future for your child, buying a new house, or saving for the retirement.


We understand the critical situations that the single father has to go through when he has a low- income. He has to struggle for providing basic needs like food, shelter for his children and other family members. The job is tough but there is a solution to lessen his miseries. The solution is granted for single fathers. Yes, there are grants provided by various non-profit organizations that can help him in sustaining his family’s needs. You just need to carry out simple research in deciding what is the best grant or scholarship for you. Fill out their application form and once you suffice the eligibility criteria, you will get the grants within no time.

You can easily opt for these grants and as soon as you suffice their eligibility criteria you will be provided with funding. You should check out the websites of the government, non-profit organizations, churches, and agencies that can avail you of some kind of assistance. Hope this information will help you in searching for the best grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a low-income individual?

A low-income individual is someone who finds it hard to make his/her ends meet. Arranging a meal in a day is also a task for him. They cannot fulfill their basic needs like food, shelter, utility, etc. different policies define low-income individuals differently. People who have an annual income of less than 60% of the national meridian income are called as low-income individuals.

Can single fathers get housing benefits?

Yes, there are plenty of options for a single parent if he wants to apply for housing options. There are different types of grants that will provide a better and safe house for your children and family.

What can a single father claim?

A single father can claim various tax relief and tax deductions. He has different ways and opportunities to do that. If we consider the example of a single father who has a bad time paying bills, he can opt for various tax returns and also claim the tax credit for this difficult period.

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