10 Federal Housing Programs For Single Mothers

Top 10 Federal Housing Programs For Single Mothers : In this article, we will discuss about the Top 10 Federal Housing Programs For Single Mothers. Giving a mother is a blessing. It is the most awesome joy of life but if someone is a single mom then it becomes miserable for her. Life of single mother is difficult as she has to go through a lot of things in life. Taking care of her child, working, managing home and other responsibilities take a toll on her head. This happens with all the single mothers and their survival becomes challenging.  Single mom don’t have financial stability so they stay in rented apartment. House is a dream of every single human being on this planet and being a single mom it is just a dream. There are a few federal housing programs available for single mothers, interim housing and rental assistance.

Single moms who are struggling to pay their rent also get assistance. In United States Of America, single mothers needs affordable housing help, government organizations are there to help them. Family with only one source of income cannot find a safe place to stay for their kids so government organizations come forward to help them in the best possible way.The US housing department and urban development is among the well-recognized institutions who provide these federal housing assistance. Low-cost housing options are available in high-crime regions, but there is a chance that single moms will get a safe atmosphere. This is a federal government agency who has taken responsibility to offer an affordable housing to families and low-income individuals. You may check get instant grants for single moms to pay bills.

Types Of Federal Housing For Single Mothers

There are different types of federal housing options available to single mothers. Let us discuss more about the types of federal housing alternatives available for single moms that include:

Emergency Housing

Emergency housing is provided to people in case of any domestic violence or even fire that destroyed their previous house. Single moms who are without a roof on their heads can avail benefit of this program. The single mothers are given emergency housing assistance for short time period. Boarding homes, shelters, hotel rooms or even group homes paid by social services or other groups are places where emergency accommodation is given to people.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is one of the options available for single mothers. It can be achieved as a part of neighborhood that offers low-cost apartment homes and units or through section 8 vouchers too. The examples of affordable housing include a low-cost monthly mortgage payment or low-cost rent.

Rental Assistance

The company may either offer money for work or rent with the landlord to reduce the rent. The rental help is a service that helps individuals in terms of their rental payments. So, if you need any rental help then you can take benefit from one of this housing program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing voucher program is one of the federal housing programs for single moms. The program is offered not only to single mothers but also people from low-income background. Also, single moms have a freedom to choose from a variety of housing grants to match their requirements under the program. A housing subsidy is also given to the landlord directly. Landlord should allow to lease the property to you through the housing voucher program. This program comes under public housing authorities so depending on your requirement and income, the agency provides help if you are eligible. You may check the criteria of the housing voucher program on their website.

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ADDI Grant for First-time Home Buyers

ADDI Grant is one of the federal housing programs for single moms. The money given through this program must be used to purchase a condo, cooperative unit, a prefabricated home or even a house to single moms. The two most important challenges for single moms or families to purchase a home are closing costs and down payments. ADDI offers help to first-time homeowners by providing them the closing amount and down payment assistance. The criteria to take benefit from this program are earn less than 80 percent of the median income in their locality. The amount is decided by the closing charges, buyer’s income and down payment amount.

LIHEAP Energy Assistance

The LIHEAP energy assistance program is for families who have issues and cannot pay their utility bills such as cooling, electricity and heating. You may invest the money to repair your home and weatherization problem to save amount on energy LIHEAP through energy help and recipients should have a low income of 150 percent below poverty line. The program is run by local social help agencies. The program is only not applicable when the median income of the state is more than 60 percent. Also, the poverty level should be at least 110 per cent of the national average. The funds amount is decided by the person’s financial income. Also depending on the repairs or bill that must be paid. You will get more details by visiting the department of health and human services site.

Public Housing

The public housing option is available to families with low-income background. Public housing is available to qualifying immigrants and United States residents. The program offers individuals a safe housing in financial crisis. Eligibility is also decided depending on your family status and annual income. The program covers more than 1.2 million homes that include multi-family houses and high-rise flats. The renting cost a public house differs depending on different aspects that include your income too.

Vision House Transitional Federal Housing for Single Moms

The vision house transitional housing for single mothers is another program. It is a non-profit organization that assists the homeless kids and single moms to find temporary shelter. The criteria to take benefit of this program are to earn 30 percent less than the locality’s median income. Through this program, single men recuperating from alcohol and drug addiction are also separately given houses. You may stay in the transitional accommodation for two years. Individuals who are taking education may stay long. You may check the vision house website for more information.

Mercy Housing Help For Single Mothers

There is another federal housing program for single moms called Mercy housing help. The program helps low-income families to find affordable accommodation. It is a non-profit organization based in the United States of America. Mercy housing has a restricted number of communities. They think that affordable housing assist to rejuvenate neighborhoods by helping more people to move in and invest their income in the community. Mercy housing help is basically a community driven program that has their own set of regulations to become eligible for the apartments that are available to the individuals when they need it. You may call Mercy Housing to find public housing options near your locality and take benefit of this program.

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National Low Income Federal Housing Coalition

It is a non-profit organization committed to improve housing options to low-income people across the nation. They wish to keep government housing help in place and increase it as much as feasible. The group advocates and teaches to assist community organizations check the critical need for decent, safe and affordable housing. The best thing about this organization is that there are no eligibility criteria as the organization wants to be a voice for individuals all across the globe who cannot afford to live.


We understand how difficult life of single moms is! Being a single mom, it becomes tough for her survival. Government has launched various programs to help single mothers in the best possible way. They provide federal housing programs for single mothers so that they get a proper shelter to sleep. There are also non-profit organizations, charity organizations who come one step forward to help these single moms. In this article, we discussed the different programs available for single moms so if you are a single mom then you must apply for the program.


How to apply for the federal housing program for single mom ?

To apply for the federal housing program for single mothers you should apply directly on the website or you may visit the office directly and talk to the authorities and apply for the process.

How much amount is given to single mothers for housing program?

The government should provide more than 75 percent of funds as per section 8 housing vouchers to families who earn less than 30 percent of the average income for that locality.

How HUD (Housing and urban development) program works?

The government provides funds to the apartment owners who reduces the amount they charge to single moms. Low-income single moms must participate in HUD housing program and take benefit of the program in the best possible way.

What are Section 8 Vouchers?

The HUD or Department of housing and development in the U.S.A provides section 8 vouchers. The coupons are directly given to the eligible low-income renters who may use it as a part of their rent. Landlords may submit these vouchers to HUD directly for repayment.

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