College Grants and Scholarships for Women

How to Get College Grants and Scholarships for Women : College Grants and Scholarships for Women are financial aid programs that are designed to help female students achieve their academic goals and overcome the financial barriers that may prevent them from pursuing higher education. These grants and scholarships are available to women of all ages, backgrounds, and fields of study, and they provide a range of benefits, including tuition assistance, living expenses, and academic support.

College Grants And Scholarships For Women

We all know education has become very expensive and thus there are a lot of women who are searching for college grants and scholarship programs. However single mothers face many difficulties in pursuing degrees as they have to handle so many things at a time from earning to taking care of the household and the child. There are many organizations that understood the situations of the women and thus introduced numerous scholarship programs and grants to help the women to pursue their education. If you are a woman and you are looking for scholarship programs and grants for women  you can try these grants that are mentioned in the article below. We have found nine scholarship grants for women that can help them in pursuing educational decree, some grants for single mothers.

Nine Scholarships and Grants for Women

After reviewing many scholarships and grants for women, we have found 9 best grants and scholarship programs that help women in pursuing their education. We have listed all the nine grants and scholarship programs below. What are you waiting for? Go and have a look at it.

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Award

Patsy Takemoto Mink was an American woman who served in congress as a politician. She was the first woman who was elected to the U.S House of Representatives. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation was dedicated to Patsy Takemoto Mink to assistance and offer low income women with educational grants and awards. The grants mainly prioritize the single mothers and help them with scholarships that minimize the educational cost. This award was launched in the year 2003. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Award offers grants up to $5000 to five lucky single mothers. They choose the applicants according to their financial needs, future goals, educational courses and so on. The awards are mainly offered to the single moms that have low income and are unable to pursue education. Another great thing about the award is that it can be used for educational expenses as well as to afford child care expenses.

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There are few eligibility criteria to apply for this award. You must be a single mother and must be more than 16 years old to qualify for this program. You should be pursuing a bachelor’s degree or entering into a vocational training course to qualify for this reward. Also note that your income should not exceed $20,000 for a family of two to qualify for the grant. However if you have a family of four then the income should not exceed $28,000. The portal of this program mainly opens in spring every year and you submit your application at that particular time.

Go Girl ! Grant

The Go Girl ! Grant is one of the well known grants that are offered to empower women in the society. The Girlfriend Factor initiates these grants for the woman to pursue their education that will help them in getting higher education. The main objective of this grant is to give a better life to the women that are struggling to pursue education because of financial burden. This organization has been operating from 2006 and provided grants to more than 180 women in California to pursue their education amounting to $70,000. This grant also has eligibility criteria and one must be a minimum of 25 years to qualify for the grant. You must explain to them your financial need and career goals that can help you to get employed in the future. However to apply for this grant you also have to write an autobiography about your education, career goals and so on. You also need three references to apply for the interview process. They reviewed the applications two times a year, one in the month of January and the other one in the month of July. Also note you have submitted your application before 15th of the previous month. To know more about the program you can visit the official website and get answers to all of your queries.

P.E.O Program for Continuing Education Grant

The P.E.O program is referred to as the Philanthropic Education Organization that provides education grants to the women who are unable to continue their education in the middle because of financial problems. This program offers a grant up to $3000 and helps a woman to finish her education degree. The main objective of the program is to empower the women of the society by providing them with a proper education degree. To apply for this program you must enroll yourself in a school and must have it within 18 months of completing an educational degree. If you fulfill the requirements you are ready to apply for this program. Also note without the sponsorship from your local P.E.O club you cannot submit your application. But don’t worry you can complete their form for the sponsorship and submit to the local P.E.O club in your area.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship offers scholarships to women who want to continue their career in engineering and technical fields. They will be provided $1000 to $16000 after getting qualified for this program. Society of Women Engineering also provides general scholarships to women and non traditional women who want to enter the job world. They have some requirements as well that an applicant is expected to follow. You need to check their official website to know more about the program. They have mentioned all the details on their website. This organization opens their application in two phases, one for graduate students and other for freshers. The application opens from December to February for the graduate students and March to May for freshers.

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Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award

Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award is provided to women who are the only earner of the family and have the burden on their shoulders to run their family. You will be awarded this grant after getting selected for the program. This organization is very beneficial to the women and has awarded almost 1700 women worth $2.5 billion. Soroptimist live your dream has their official website that you can check to learn more. They have some eligibility criteria as well. The women need to enroll themselves in a 4 year college course or vocational training. Applicants need to display their income proof . The application remains open from Mid of August to November. You can learn more by visiting the website.

American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women provides scholarship grants to students, basically women who want to pursue their careers and shift to a new path. They provide scholarships to almost 260 students every year. They have different eligibility criteria that are totally based on the urgency and merit. You need to visit the official website to know more about their programs. They have some more awards including career development for girls. It will help to get certificate degrees for women who will continue their study. Please check other guidelines as well in the November manual.

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program offers grants to the women who are the victim of domestic abuse and separated from their partners. Those who are part time and full time students are eligible for the program. You can visit their official website to gather more insight about this scholarship program. The main objective of this program is to help those women to become independent and stable enough to get back their dignity. They help you to survive by providing financial assistance. The total scholarship amount is approximately $1000 to $6000 based on the severity of the case.

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

The first woman elected to the U.S Congress was Jeannette Rankin and after her death she left a maximum percentage of her estate to help women with scholarships. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation was started in 1978 and has provided help to more than 1000 women with approximately an amount of $3 million in scholarship.

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund mainly prioritizes low income women who are unable to pursue education for financial problems. Moreover this foundation provides help to only those women who are over the age of 35 and are willing to get their bachelor degree. You also need to be a citizen with permanent residence in the U.S  to qualify for the scholarship program. They award the scholarship according to the career goals of the women and what impact they can create to improve the community. You can visit their official website to know more about the income limit, eligibility criteria and application submission dates.

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Graduate Women International

Graduate Women International (GWI) is mainly initiated to help the students that come from abroad to pursue education. In the past it was called The International Federation of University Women and it is established worldwide in more than 60 countries. This scholarship is mainly for the students that are pursuing a PHD. However this organization also helps women and girls with educational expenses from primary level to post graduate. International students that are women can try this program but be sure to check the eligibility criteria for the grants and scholarships before applying for the program.

Finding More Scholarship Programs for Women Going Back To School

If you stopped going to school because of financial problems then don’t worry as there are a few scholarship programs and grants that can help you out. If you do a little bit of research you can find many opportunities for women to pursue their education and career goals. These scholarship programs help the woman and girl to build a better educational career. The program can also help you with reducing your educational cost, thus you do not have to take any loans from private organizations. You can contact schools nearby and ask if they are providing any grants or scholarships to girls. If some schools are providing scholarships or grants you can get admitted to that specific school that will help in reducing your educational expenses. However you can choose Georgia’s Spelman College, Wellesley College in Massachusetts and many others. If you are seeking a scholarship then you can find grants from non-profit organizations as well who provide financial support for those specific subjects. There are so many non government and non-profit organizations who are interested in helping students. You just need to visit the  official website of these organizations  to learn more


I hope you have found all the information in this article about College Grants and Scholarships for Women. Education is one of the most important things in this world and everybody has the right to education. We all know that being a woman is always hard especially if you are a single mother as you have to manage so many things at a time. There are some organizations that have understood the situation of the women and initiated few College Grants and Scholarships for Women who are unable to pursue education because of financial problems. We have found 9 such programs that can help you with financial aid and scholarship programs to continue your education and make a great impact in this society. I hope you have already checked out all the programs and you can apply in those programs which are best suited for you. If you know a woman who is looking for such grants and scholarships please feel free to share this article with them that might help them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any grants and scholarships for women?

Yes there are few grants and scholarships for women provided by various foundations and organizations to support the women to continue their education.

Are there any scholarship programs for single mothers?

If you are a single mother you can try the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Award scholarship program as it prioritizes single mothers.

How can I apply for the scholarship programs?

There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill before applying for these scholarships. To know more about the eligibility requirements you can visit the website of that particular organization’s scholarship program.

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