Alaska Public Assistance For Single Moms

Public Assistance in Alaska For Single Moms : There are several public assistance programs available for single mothers in Alaska. The state understands the pain of the mother and wishes to help them in the best possible way. As per the report, 24,647,000 kids live with single parents. The number has been the same in the past few years. More than 4.6 million parents who have never married stay in poverty. The poverty rate of kids who stay with single parents is high. More than 40 percent of kids stay with only their single parent. No doubt, there is a need for help, so Alaska has several grants to help these single mothers. There is a need to apply for different programs with certain eligibility thresholds. We are here to talk on each and every minute detail related to programs for single mothers in Alaska.

27 Public Assistance in Alaska For Single Mothers

1. Alaska Medicaid Program For Single Mothers

Alaska Medicaid is a federally funded healthcare insurance grant that assists kids, adults with disabilities, and older adults who take top-notch quality medical care. It works like insurance, with few limitations on what Medicaid covers. Medicaid recipients get free medical care from authorized healthcare experts.

Eligibility requirements for the Alaska Medicaid program For Single Mothers

The recipients of Medicaid should be kids under 18 years, teenagers above 65 years, pregnant, or have a proven disability as a teenager. All candidates should meet the F.P.L. or Federal Poverty Level.

How to apply for the Alaska Medicaid program?

To apply for the Alaska Medicaid program, you may also call on 907-465-3347, or you can visit the US Department of Health and Social Services at

2. Public Assistance: Alaska Food Stamp Program For Single Mothers

The Alaska Food Stamp grant provides food cards to individuals with a low-income background. You may only use food cards for a few items- foods that promote the recipient’s well-being and health. The funding amount depends on poverty level and income at the application time.

Eligibility Requirements in Alaska food stamp program

You should meet at least 130 percent of the Alaska standard of poverty at the application time, which is $2,250 for households. Individuals more than 60 years old have a $3250 limit of at least 60 years.

How to apply for the Alaska food stamp program?

You may visit the Department of Health and Social Services at online, submit paperwork, and apply for the Alaska food stamp program.

3. Alaska Special Program for Women, Infants, & Children

W.I.C., or Women, Infants, and Children in Alaska, helps pregnant women and kids. People who support the healthcare and nutrition requirements of low-income women and kids. The W.I.C. grant in Alaska assesses the kids’ requirements and mothers to consider how much is required. Funding depends on needs; kids and mothers get food, education, and care.

Eligibility Requirements for Women, Infants, and Children

Support is income-based: women and kids are eligible for the WIC or Women, Infants, and Children grant in Alaska if they meet the regulations for Medicaid, food stamps, Alaska Temporary Assistance grant, and Denali Kid care.

In general, the eligibility threshold is:

  • If you had a baby recently
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnant
  • Have a kid under five years, have a nutritional requirement, and meet income eligibility

How to apply for the W.I.C. or Women, Infants, and Children grant in Alaska?

You can visit the site online and submit the documents that are vital to apply for the program.

4. Alaska Unemployment Insurance For Single Mothers

Unemployment Insurance in Alaska provides compensation to those people who lose their job. Through unemployment insurance in Alaska, they can cover expenses until they get a new job. Alaska provides a maximum of $370 and a minimum weekly advantage of $56 every week. Compensation is only offered for a particular amount of time considered during the application process. 

Eligibility Requirements for Alaska Unemployment Insurance

The eligibility threshold for Alaska Unemployment insurance includes having earned wages from employment, being available for full-time work, and having a total gross income of $2500.

How to apply for the insurance program in Alaska?

To apply for unemployment insurance in Alaska, you can visit the local office address directly or even the Department of Labor site  to apply for the grant in Alaska.

5. Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP) 

The grant called Alaska Temporary Assistance Program or ATAP offers cash to needy individuals or single mothers with kids; you may use the amount to support essentials such as clothing, food, and shelter. The amount an individual or single mother receives varies on income, family size, and how much is paid towards shelter.

Eligibility Requirements Alaska Temporary Assistance Program

Single mothers should have at least $2,000 in countable sources. Families with a person who has a limit of $3,000 or is 60 years old. These sources do not include personal goods, homes, and vehicles.

How to apply for the ATAP program in Alaska?

You may apply for an ATAP grant in Alaska; you can visit the site  and submit the necessary documents to apply for the program in Alaska.

6. Alaska Denali Kidcare (CHIP)

The CHIP or Denali Kidcare in Alaska program offers health insurance to needy individuals with keens and kids to ensure that they get the medical care they require. This grant in Alaska provides children’s health insurance to cover medical costs from routine healthcare appointments.

Eligibility Requirements in Denali Kidcare in Alaska

Non-working and working individuals with kids under 18 years are eligible for support. Pregnant women might become suitable, but they determine income regulations.

How to apply for the Alaska Denali Kidcare?

You may visit the Department of Health and social services site online  to submit the necessary papers to apply for the program in Alaska.

7. Alaska Child Care Public Assistance Program “Parents Achieving Self Sufficiency (PASS)

The child care hours number is considered by your job training or work hours. The childcare cost is paid directly to the provider. Parents Achieving Self-sufficiency offers child-care help for eligible parents, and individuals should be getting training or education.


Offers child care help to those who get benefits from ATAP


This is for individuals who transition from ATAP.


Program for individuals who might not be eligible for Pass II or Pass I

Eligibility requirements in PASS

Every part of the grant in Alaska has its eligibility needs. PASS II and PASS I recipients should get working and benefits from ATAP. PASS II individuals should be attending school, working, or job training grants. Eligibility criteria also depend on the size and income of the family.

How to apply for the PASS program in Alaska?

You may visit the local address to directly apply for the PASS or visit the website  online and submit the details to apply for the PASS program.

8. Alaska General Relief Assistance For Single Mothers

The G.R.A. or General Relief Help offers financial assistance to individuals as well as single mothers in case of urgency. It is the last resort for individuals. If the family cannot get any other help, they may grant G.R.A. The funding amount is based on income, need, and family size. Limits are $400 for two individuals, $300 for one individual, and $500 for three individuals.

Eligibility requirements General Relief Assistance For Single Mothers

The household should get help from any other state grant in Alaska. Candidates must be married, living apart from parents, and an adult. Household sources should not exceed more than $500 and meet income criteria based on the size of the household.

How to apply for the General Relief Assistance program in Alaska?

You may visit the Department of Health and social services website  for more details about G.R.A. in Alaska.

9. Gear Up Alaska Scholarship For Single Mothers

A scholarship called GEAR UP means Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for undergraduate grants in Alaska. Programs might be up to $5,000 every year. It is a discretionary program to assist low-income students in pursuing a postsecondary education. The funding amount is limited to $800 for every student. 

Eligibility requirements for GEAR UP Alaska Scholarship For Single Mothers

The GEAR UP grant is available for state agencies seeking to offer education to low-income students. Education agencies who are part of Local Education Agencies (L.E.A.s), Institutions of Higher Education (I.H.E.s), and State education (S.E.A.s) might become eligible for the GEAR UP program in Alaska. 

How to apply for the GEAR UP grant in Alaska?

To apply for the GEAR UP grant in Alaska, you must visit the website to get the necessary details to apply for the program in Alaska.

10. Alaska Education Grant For Single Mothers

The program called Alaska Education Grant assists students in taking an education at a post-secondary educational institution in Alaska.

Eligibility Requirements for Alaska Education Grant 

The eligibility needs for A.E.G. are:

  • Permanent resident or citizen of the U.S.A.
  • Resident of Alaska
  • G.E.D. or High School diploma
  • Enrolled in a grant at least half-time
  • The financial requirement of $500 or even more
  • You do not need a bachelor’s degree
  • Enrolled in a vocational certificate grant or undergraduate degree grant in Alaska
  • Meet academic progress needs.

How to apply for the Alaska Education Grant ?

You may visit the A.E.G. website online, , and submit the application form to apply for the A.E.G. in Alaska.

11. Homeschooling Laws For Single Mothers 

You can teach kids at home by a guardian or a parent. There is no requirement to get authorization or notify kids in the home. Legal guardians or even parents don’t need any teaching eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements for Homeschooling in Alaska

Kids who attend school in the first grade and are six years old should attend homeschooling. The kids might have to remain in public schools between 7 and 16.

Parents do have an alternative to eliminate the kid 60 days from enrollment in the first grade. Once she or he turns seven, then they should attend school and leave homeschooling as per law.

How to apply for the Homeschooling Laws For Single Mothers?

They can directly visit the online website of Homeschooling for Alaska at to apply for the homeschooling grant.

12. Alaska Heating Assistance Program (H.A.P.)

Alaska heating help grants for households who don’t have proper income to afford heating expenses. They pay a portion of the cost. The grant runs every year from 1 October to 30 April. Those individuals who are interested should apply every year, and they ensure to send the checks to you in November. The H.A.P. amount is available for heating expenses based on the heating bill, income, and size of the household.

Eligibility requirements Alaska Heating Assistance Program

Candidates must show that they cannot pay for heating costs at the time of application for H.A.P.

How to apply for Alaska Heating Assistance Program?

To apply for H.A.P., you can visit the office address directly or call on 1-888-804-6330 and visit the website online  to apply for the program.

13. Alaska Permanent Dividend (P.F.D.)

The permanent Dividend program in Alaska provides public help to residents of Alaska who are planning to stay in the state. The P.F.D. grant serves to keep the population up to profitable economic growth.

Eligibility requirements for Alaska Permanent Dividend

Candidates should be a resident of Alaska for one year and not claim any state of residence. You cannot be sentenced for a crime or imprisoned for the current or even previous year. You should be there for a minimum of 72 hours and cannot leave Alaska for more than 180 days. In 1984, the payout was $331, and now it has increased to more than $2000.

How to apply for the Alaska Permanent Dividend?

You may visit the P.F.D. website online, , and submit the vital documents to apply for the grant in Alaska.

14. Adelaide Apartments For Single Mothers 

The program, called Adelaide Apartments, is situated in downtown Anchorage, are for individuals who are homeless. Rent payment is given depending on income. One of the many rentals is available through NeighborhoodWorks; the apartments are alcohol-free and drug-free, with shared bathrooms, laundry amenities, and bathrooms.

Eligibility criteria for Adelaide Apartments program in Alaska

  • Should be homeless
  • Income cannot be more than 35 percent of the area median income 

How to apply for the Adelaide Apartments grant in Alaska?

To apply for the A.A. grant in Alaska, you can visit Neighborhood Works Alaska’s local office address or call on 907-258-9017 to get more details about the A.A. program or even visit the site online , submit the necessary documents to apply for the A.A. program in Alaska.

15. Alaska Housing For Single Mothers

The program called Alaska Housing provides many grants to residents of Alaska. Three of these grants are planned for low-income people in Alaska:

  • The first one is low-income seeking public housing for Alaskans offers affordable and safe public housing in 13 communities in Alaska.
  • The second one is low-income renting from private people for Alaskans, who assist individuals in leasing privately owned rental homes in 12 communities around Alaska.
  • Lastly, low-income on Parole people or youth and probation aging out of foster care is a rental help grant for individuals in transition. Individuals should be referred by the Department of Alaska State of Health and human services office or the Corrections of Alaska State of Children’s Services.

Eligibility criteria for the grant in Alaska Housing

  • The family income must be below or at 50 percent of the local or area median income.
  • Income must be below or at 80 percent of the area median income.
  • Income should be below 60 percent of the area median income. Also, additional qualifications and needs depend on every grant.

How to apply for the grant in Alaska Housing?

You can email or call on 211 for more information or even visit the website online at, download the application form, and fill in the details properly to apply for the grant in Alaska.

16. Heating Assistance Program (H.A.P.)

The heating help grant is a federally funded grant that assists low-income people with their home energy bills. Also, H.A.P. might also assist with weatherization-related house repairs.

Eligibility criteria for the Heating Assistance Program in Alaska

Individuals must meet an income limit of $3599 every month for three people.

How to apply for Heating Assistance Program?

You can visit the online site  and submit the application form to apply for H.A.P.

17. Weatherization Assistance Program (W.A.P.)

The W.A.P. in Alaska pays for house insulation that may assist in lowering utility expenses.

Eligibility criteria for the Weatherization Assistance Program  

You should be an Alaska resident with a minimum income of $27000 for a family of three individuals.

Priority is given to:

  • Individuals with one or more members with any disability
  • Individuals who are above 60 years old
  • Single mothers or parents with kids 

As per D.O.E. regulations, you become eligible for the W.A.P. program automatically if you get TANF or temporary assistance for needy families or S.S.I. or Supplemental Security Income.

How to apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program in Alaska?

In Anchorage, you can call on 907-338-6100 for more information or 800-478-2432 if you stay in Alaska for more details and visit the website online  to apply for the program in Alaska or even visit the local housing finance corporation directly to apply for the grant in Alaska.

18. Affordable Dental Care For Single Mothers

Affordable Dental care locations in Wasilla, Fairbanks, and Anchorage provide monthly specials for non-insured patients. All the offices provide complete dental help that includes procedures such as implants, porcelain crowns, and root canals.

Eligibility Criteria for the dental care program in Alaska

  • Alaska resident
  • Must belong to the low-income background

How to apply for the dental care grant in Alaska?

You can visit the website  to apply for dental care in Alaska.

19. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) in Alaska 

The program called HRSA is an agency of the Department of U.S.A Health and human services. The fund’s health centers offer subsidized health or free dental care to low-income background people and those who cannot access top-notch quality health care, like individuals or single mothers who stay in rural places. They also grant a 24-hour confidential and free mental health hotline for new mothers and pregnant mothers

Eligibility criteria for the best health program in Alaska

There is its own set of eligibility criteria for every health center for decreased cost care or even free cost care.

How to apply for the health grant in Alaska?

New moms or pregnant ones can dial 833-943-5746 to get help or visit the office address directly to get more assistance.

20. Alaska’s Summer Food Service Program For Single Mothers

The SFSP, or Summer food service grant, offers nutritious and free meals to kids above 18 years or even young who stay in low-income areas. Summer meal sites are situated at places such as public housing centers, schools, rec centers, camps, parks, playgrounds, and churches.

Eligibility criteria for the SFSG program

Candidates should stay in Alaska who is under 18 years.

How to apply for the Food Service Program?

Candidates or single mothers can call on 907-465-3316 to get more information and visit the local address of the USDA Summer food service to get more help.

21. Alaska Head Start and Early Head Start Program For Single Mothers

The program called Head Start is a free federal preschool grant for kids who are aged 3 to 5 years old from low-income backgrounds. Another program called early head start serves kids and pregnant women who are under three years. The grant in Alaska concentrates on social, cognitive, and emotional aspects and prepares kids for school.

Eligibility criteria for the head start grant in Alaska.

  • Grants accept children with income above the federal poverty line.
  • Kids from birth to 5 years old
  • Meet the federal poverty regulations.
  • Pregnant women also get postpartum and prenatal details, services, and education through early head start in Alaska.
  • Homeless kids, kids from families who get public help (S.S.I., TANF), and kids in foster care are eligible for the Head Start program.

How to apply for the Head Start in Alaska?

You can call on 866-763-6481 for more information and visit the site online to apply for the grant in Alaska.

22. Parents as Teachers 

The program called Parents as Teachers sends experts to visit families in their houses to assist kids from birth to 5 years with:

  • Physical development
  • Learning help
  • Language development
  • Social-emotional skills

Experts assess family requirements, evaluate kids, and offer sources to assist them. Kids are also screened for concerns, and families will participate in group activities if needed.

Eligibility criteria for the Parents as Teachers grant in Alaska

To become eligible for the grant in Alaska:

  • Resident of Alaska
  • Must belong to the low-income background

How to apply for the parents as teachers grant in Alaska?

You can call on 907-272-0133 to apply for the program or visit the local office address for more information to apply for the grant in Alaska.

23. General Educational Development (GED) In Alaska For Single Mothers

You may take the G.E.D. test for 18 years. If you are 16 years, you may take the test by showing a withdrawal slip from the current school that you attended in Alaska, written permission from a guardian or parent, or even legal emancipation paperwork. There are no studying or pre-testing needs. The G.E.D. test has four primary areas of testing:

  • Social studies
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Science 
  • Reasoning through Language arts

You have two alternatives to take the G.E.D. in Alaska:

  • $30 for every subject if you visit the center
  • $36 if you take an online home test

Eligibility criteria for General Educational Development in Alaska

To become eligible for the G.E.D. program in Alaska, you must be

  • Under 17 years old
  • Must be an Alaska resident

How to apply for General Educational Development test in Alaska?

You can directly visit the local office address in Alaska to apply for the G.E.D. program.

Grants and Scholarships in Alaska For Single Moms

The Federal Student Help connects prospective students and students with scholarships and grants in Alaska. To know what grants and scholarships you are eligible for, you may create a student profile on the site.

Individual schools provide academic and need-based for their students. If you have accepted to a higher education institution, you can connect with financial help or contact the office to learn how to apply.

Employment help for single moms in Alaska

There are workforce grants available in Alaska that offer help and training with employment:

24. Alaska Connect For Single Mothers

The program called Alaska Connect is available every time. It is an online training channel that offers technical training and job skills that include certifications in a huge range of training areas. You may attend conferences, virtual training and take advantage of other offerings.

Eligibility criteria for Alaska Connect Program

To become eligible for Alaska Connect:

  • Alaska resident
  • Must belong to the low-income background

How to apply for the Alaska Connect program?

You can email me at  [email protected] 

to apply for the Alaska Connect program.

25. Alaska Job Center Network For Single Moms

There is a program called Alaska Job Center Network that provides training and employment services, job search help, and career counseling.

Eligibility criteria for the Alaska Job Center Network

  • Alaska resident
  • Must be willing to work in Alaska
  • Need help related to job 

How to apply for the Alaska Job Center Network?

You can directly send an email to [email protected] to apply for the AJCN or get assistance through their online site for more details about AJCN.

26. Catholic Social Services of Alaska

Catholic charities assist with:

  • Food help
  • Healthcare help
  • Rent relief
  • Housing assistance
  • Health care help

Eligibility for the Catholic Social Services program

The following is the eligibility threshold for the CC grant in Alaska that includes:

  • Alaska resident 
  • Must belong to the low-income background

How to apply for the catholic charities in Alaska?

You may call on 907-222-7300 to get more details or visit the website  to apply for the CC in Alaska.

27. United Way of Alaska

The United Way of Alaska program connects individuals who are in need with local sources such as:

  • Health care
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Child Care services
  • Support groups
  • Shelter

How to apply for the United Way program?

To apply for the United Way program in Alaska, you can call on 2-1-1 or even visit the online site or  , submit the necessary details to apply for the United Way grant.


There are different programs available for single mothers in Alaska. The government of Alaska understands the pain of single mothers, and they know that single mothers have to undergo a lot of struggle. They have to manage the house, kids, and work, and everything is not easy. Single mothers do need help. For this, there are grants available to single mothers right from housing and finances to pay their utility bills, car, child-care, medical help, and much more. For a single mother who needs any kind of help in Alaska, you can check the eligibility criteria of the programs, and if you think they are the correct fit, then you may apply for public help in Alaska.


Does Virginia help single mothers?

A major challenge faced by single moms is the lack of financial sources to meet the basic requirements of families. Virginia provides assistance to single moms who carry the complete burden of offering for their kids.

How much is APA in Alaska?

Adult Public Assistance, called APA, offers perks to disabled or elderly disabled Alaskans and pays up to $362 every month.

Can I use my Alaska snap card in another state?

Yes! You have all the answers to using your SNAP card in all 50 states. SNAP program is a federal grant that is interoperable between states.

Can I use my EBT card in Alaska?

The EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer or Quest Card may be used to buy eligible food and other items at Farmer’s markets and grocery shops. SNAP in Alaska offers food benefits to low-income people to purchase food products from certified Farmer’s Markets and stores statewide.

How much do you get for food stamps in Alaska?

The monthly SNAP advantage in Alaska is $166 for every individual ($41 higher than the national average). This equals an additional $1000 every year to spend on food.

What is the Alaska State Assistance Program?

The ATAP or Alaska Temporary Assistance Grant offers cash help and work services to low-income background single mothers and families with kids to assist them with basic requirements while they work toward becoming self-sufficient. This grant is offered under the federal TANF block program.

How much cash assistance is in Alaska?

An individual who is single may get up to $1276 every month in APA advantages or $1899 every month for a couple. Alaskan elderly people who are 65 years or older might also apply for a Senior benefits grant that pays $175, $76, or $250 every month based on income.

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