Alabama Assistance Programs for Single Moms

How To Get Alabama Assistance Programs for Single Moms Government and charity assistance is available for single mothers in Alabama. They can get help in all cities. Assistance programs help with insurance, housing, paying rent, utility bills, mortgages and free health care.

Available Government Assistance Grants for Single Mothers In Alabama

In alabama there are various Grants and assistance are available for single mothers. There are many help packages to be had to single moms in Alabama. Some of those programs provide Financial assistance, at the same time as others offer meals, housing, or other varieties of help. Here are a number of the maximum not unusual help applications for single moms in Alabama:


Medicaid is a grant governed by the Federal and state government. It offers long-term and medical assistance to pregnant women, senior citizens, individuals with a disability, and kids who have a low income. 

  • Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility threshold depends on income. Kids and pregnant women between the ages of 0 and 18 are eligible if they are staying in a household with an annual income of $1420, $1914,$2408, and $2902. The kids and pregnant women will get free medical care from medical amenities, Medicaid-approved physicians, and pharmacies. The services individuals with Medicaid will get are:

  • Maternity
  • Emergency room care
  • Doctor appointments
  • Chemical dependence or alcohol treatment
  • Mental health care
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Interpreter for medical appointments
  • Vision and dental care
  • Prescription medications
  • Transportation to medical appointments

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program there are several offices available throughout Alabama to apply for the program. The one you should visit depends on the county. You will get a complete list of offices for the state on the Alabama Medicaid website and apply for the program. 


SNAP program is from the food assistance division to end hunger and also improve the nutrition of the children in Alabama. The grant is only for people who have low incomes.

Eligibility Requirement For SNAP Program 

The USDA or United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service considers eligibility needs. There is an on-site tool that one may use. Also, the amount you get from the food assistance grant depends on how many individuals are in your home and their income.

How to apply for the SNAP program

You can directly visit the office, submit the necessary details and apply for the program or you can visit the website online and apply for the program.

Alabama Assistance Program for Women, Infants, & Children

The WIC or Women, Infants, and Children grant allows women and kids to buy healthy foods for their kids and themselves. Women get coupons that help them to purchase food items such as formula-free and milk.

Women and kids get a prescription with a food list they will buy with WIC vouchers. The 

a nutritionist at the WIC clinic considers what women and kids may get as part of the grant. Infants who don’t breastfeed will get formula. Breastfeeding women get carrots and tuna. 

Eligible kids and women might get cheese, eggs, milk, and cereal that is high in iron but low in sugar. They will also get juice high in peanut butter, beans, Vitamin C, or dried peas. When infants reach a certain age, they will get free juice and cereal too.

Eligibility Requirement

The following individuals might apply for WIC:

  • Children less than five years old
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Women with a baby less than six months old
  • Pregnant women

These people must belong to low-income backgrounds or stay in a household with a low income. The following is the income limit: $21257 to $51,005 

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Other requirements include:

  • You should be a citizen or resident of Alabama 
  • You must take health care services from a health professional at the WIC clinic to consider nutritional risk.

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, you can call 888-942-4673. You may also visit, submit the necessary documents and apply for the program.

Alabama Unemployment Insurance

To assist individuals who are laid off, forced to work reduced hours, or fired, the state of Alabama provides unemployment compensation. UI or Unemployment Insurance is from the Unemployment Compensation Division and serves to offer financial help until the worker finds employment or gets more hours at work. The funding amount for individuals is $45 to $265 every week.

Eligibility Requirements

There are two aspects when determining qualification for unemployment compensation. The other determinant is how much you may get based on how much you used to earn. The first one is considering if you worked quarters to become eligible. The income of every individual differs; they consider it on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply for the program

For more details about Unemployment Compensation, you can visit, get the necessary details, and apply for the program.

Alabama Family Assistance Program

The Alabama Family Assistance Program make sure that individuals get the help they need to care for their kids in their houses. Assistance given includes:

  • Job and work training
  • Child care help
  • Cash payments with EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer Card

Eligibility Requirements for this Program

You should meet the following needs to become eligible for the program that includes:

The child should:

  • Stay in your house or close relative
  • Staying in the house and under 18 unless still in grade school
  • Staying in Alabama
  • A legal foreigner or Citizen of the United States

Other Requirements:

  • Cannot be a part of the foster care grant with the Department of Human Resources
  • Only adults will get the help, and there is a 5-year limit.
  • If a relative is caring for the kid, it should be working with the child’s help.
  • The parent cannot be on strike for her or his employment.
  • If they get financial help, the State Department of HR assigns child support. It means that the State of Alabama gets all child support payments. Every individual involved in child care should show their social security numbers at the time of application.
  • If a parent is under 18 years, she or he should stay with an adult. If an adult is not available, the parents should stay in an adult-supervised supportive living arrangement.
  • Relatives should agree to participate in a JOBS grant, and parents under 18 years should participate.
  • Relative caring for a kid should reveal to a social worker about the caregiving arrangement with paperwork.
  • Parents should sign and meet the family responsibility plan terms.
  • A parent under 18 years with a kid less than 12 weeks old should have a high school diploma or a training program.
  • The kid’s relative care should apply for other advantages if needed, such as social security, veteran’s benefits, and unemployment compensation.
  • All applicants should meet the income limits and don’t have stepparents and parents that will support them.
  • The relative or kid cannot break probation or parole. The relative or kid cannot be a convicted felon on the run. She or he should have a criminal to use, hold or sell a controlled substance.
  • Candidates should do an in-office interview with the social worker.

How to apply for the program

You should apply to the Department of human resources for your county to apply for the financial help program. 

Alabama Student Assistance Program

This program helps students who have a low-income pay for school. They consider the parents’ income for students still dependent on their parents. Students can receive $300 to $2,500 for tuition and other college-related fees.

Eligibility Requirements

Alabama higher education institutions are eligible for the program. This need-based program regards income with a reward amount. It is only for undergraduate students too.

How to apply for the program

To apply for this program, you should complete the free application for federal student aid. You can retrieve the form from the high school or college you attend in the financial aid office. You may also find it online at the FAFSA site. For more details, you can consult the website and apply for the program.

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Alabama Student Grant Program

The program offers financial help to students enrolled in eligible Alabama universities and colleges. Students will get up to 12000 dollars through this program.

Eligibility Requirements

Students should enroll at least half-time and must be residents of Alabama. Eligible schools are:

  • Concordia college
  • Judson College
  • Faulkner University
  • Huntingdon College
  • Oakwood college
  • Birmingham Southern College
  • Samford University
  • Miles College
  • Selma University
  • Selma University
  • Southern Vocational college
  • Spring Hill College
  • Stillman college
  • Southeastern Bible College

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, you have to visit one of the universities or colleges and get the printed application and apply for the program. You can visit to get more information.  

Earl P. Andrews Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Minority students will get a college scholarship from Earl P. Andrews Jr. Memorial Scholarship grant. Scholarships range from $1500 to $2000. You should use the amount for college or tuition-related fees.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants should be seniors in high school in Montgomery County, Alabama. All candidates should have an ACT score of at least 1590 or 23 on the SAT. They should also have a minimum GPA of 3.5. Those chosen as finalists should participate in an interview with the selection committee. The minorities who are eligible for this scholarship are:

  • Asian
  • Pacific Islander
  • Native Alaskan
  • American Indian
  • African American
  • Latino/Hispanic

How to apply for the program

For more details, you can visit the high school’s guidance office. You may also visit submit the details, and apply for the program.

Alabama ALL Kids

The grant assists kids under 19 years to get the medical care they need at a reduced cost. The grant also covers the following services:

  • Doctor visits
  • Check-ups
  • Immunization
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Hospitalization
  • Substance abuse services
  • Mental health services

Eligibility Requirements

Kids should be citizens of the United States or immigrants under 19 years. They cannot have any other health insurance that includes Medicaid or reside in an institution.

How to apply for this program

You can visit the online site and apply for the program.

Homeschooling Laws

Alabama law does not recognize homeschooling as a different option. They should find a school that covers their education. Homeschoolers should educate as per educational provisions set by the state. This school might oversee the grant the parent is following.

Eligibility Requirements

There are two laws in Alabama concerning homeschooling.

Church School Law

Students should be between 6 to 17 age and should be in association with a church school or in a church.

Tutorial Law

A qualified teacher will privately educate a kid for at least 140 days. They are a tutor and may get mentorship from local school officials.

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, they can visit the local office and directly apply for the program.

Alabama Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program

The LIHEAP program assists residents of Alabama with a low income who cannot afford to cool or heat their houses. Eligible people may get cash to pay their bills. The amount comes from a LIHEAP program block grant offered by the United States Department of Human and Health Services. The funding amount is based on the amount of energy bill and income.

Eligibility Requirements

The income limit for the program are: $21,257,$28,694, $36,131, $43,568, $51,005,$58,442, $65,879, $73,316

How to apply for the program

To apply for the program, candidates must locate the agency in their county by following and apply for the program. They can also directly call on (800)392-8098, get the necessary details and apply for the program.

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There are various Alabama Assistance programs available for single mothers. They know that single mothers have to go through pain, and their life is tough to handle as they have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. So, the government of Alabama has introduced grants for single mothers to help them in the best possible way.


What is Alabama’s max income for SNAP?

Many families in Alabama with income up to 130 percent of the federal poverty level, about $2,250 for a month for a family of three people, become eligible for food stamps.

What is the poverty level in Alabama?

More than 7,14000 Alabamians, including 2,22000 kids, live below the federal poverty line, which is $25,496 for a family of four individuals. Alabama’s median household income is $53958. 

Is the cost of living low in Alabama?

The best part is whoever is thinking of moving to Alabama as MERIC’s cost of Living Index ranked Alabama as having the fourth lowest cost of living in the United States.

Do you have to work in Alabama to get food stamps?

It was formerly called food stamps, which offer non-cash benefits to assist low-income households in buying food. All adults aged 16 to 59 who are not otherwise exempt should comply with work needs to get SNAP benefits: they should register to work, not quit their job or accept the job if needed.

Who qualifies for the Alabama Medicaid program?

You must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of Alabama, or have satisfactory immigration status as per agency rules. Non-citizens should offer proof of immigrant status to get complete Medicaid services.

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