What Grants are Available for Single Mothers

What Grants and Programs are available for Single Mothers : Being a mother is a tough job. First, you have to carry the baby inside you for nine months the feed, care, and nurture him/her till your last breath. Right from his birth, the mother is the closest human that the child associates with and that is why mothers are connected to their child the most. Raising a child requires a stronger partnership between both the parents but what if you do not have a partner to the upbringing? Being a single parent is a life full of struggles, but it is a journey for the strong. Especially when you are a single mother, life can take a toll on you. Tons of responsibilities can be overwhelming at times. If you have a lower income, financial stress adds to it. The duty to feed your kid and think about his future at the same time has to be done by any means. A single mom has to figure out different ways to fulfill her responsibilities.

If you are a single mom and are striving to make your ends meet, this article might help you. The article will provide you information about 24 grants and programs that can help you in terms of food, shelter, medication, or finances. Government, non-profit organizations, charities, and other agencies provide these grants to help single moms. If the conditions are severe, they also avail emergency cash to single moms to help them in crisis.

Education is one important aspect of a child’s life. But education is expensive in today’s times. If you suffering from a financial crisis as a single mother, you can get free money from the government that you don’t have to pay back. So, if you are amidst a financial disaster, these programs with grants can be your fire brigade.

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24 Different Program Grants For Single Moms

If you seek help, you will surely get it sooner or later. The grants can surely help single moms in supporting her and her child’s life. You just need to look out for the eligibility criteria provided by them.

Hardships Grants for Single moms

When single moms are facing hard times, they can get help from this grant program. Single mothers need to apply for the hardship grant. The assistance provided can be in terms of money or shelter. If you are facing hardships in finding a house to live in, the State Department of Human Services will avail emergency rental housing assistance for you.

Dental Grants for Single moms

Teethes can give lots of trouble sometimes. Even if you don’t have money to go to the dentist, you do not need to worry. Single moms who are suffering from oral health complications can go for this Dental grant for single mother option. With the help of this grant, you can avail a free dental check-up from the dentist. You can also get your oral health assessment for no cost. Since Dental Grants are so rare that, it is advisable to go for Medicaid, which also gives you the benefit of getting a free oral check-up.

Medicaid Health Insurance for the Poor

Single mothers that come from low-income families cannot spend money on health insurance. In such situations, Medicaid for pregnant women provides all the necessary medical assistance to her and her family. The senior citizens who cannot pay their medical bills can also apply for this grant. So, if you are a single mother and need money for your health-related problems, this one is a good option.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

As the name suggests this program gives grants so that low-income parents can avail good medical help for their children. If you are a single mom and do not have money to give your child a proper medical check-up, you can opt for this program. The children below the age of 19 years, who do not have medical insurance, are eligible for this grant. The program helps single moms with medical insurance that includes, taking the vaccine, visiting a doctor, or dental or eye check-ups. CHIP program will make sure that you and your child are in safe hands during the medical examination.

The National Family Planning Program

Title X stands to imply Title ten which is a great program for the ones that belong to poor families. If you do not have medical insurance, you can opt for this program. They provide medical funding that will help you to get various health benefits starting from visiting a clinic free of cost. So, this is a good program to apply for when you need emergency medical help.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

It’s very essential to keep your mind and body healthy to lead a healthy lifestyle. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program aims in providing nutrition to all the families who cannot arrange proper meals. This program has successfully helped near 40 million people with low income in the United States of America. They make sure that the children below the age of 18 years get proper food and nutrition. If you want to save your child from malnutrition, try contacting the local SNAP office near you. You can avail food from them if you have an EBT card. If you are a single father, you can enroll in this program. Once you pass the eligibility test, you will be provided with an EBT card. You can do food and grocery shopping with the help of this card. The EBT cards can be only used in EBT designates grocery stores that are linked with SNAP.

Women, Infants, and Children

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a government leaded program. The government of the country makes sure that all pregnant women, infants, and children receive healthy and nutritious food. If you are a single mother and have a child within 5 years of age, you can food assistance from the program. The package includes $6 vouchers for fruits and vegetables, one dozen eggs, and 16 quarts of milk. If you have an income that lies below poverty lines, then you can be given emergency assistance.

National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) feeds the needy ones. They aim to provide proper food and nutrients to the ones who need it. They focus on availing nutrition-rich food for children in schools. So, if you are unable to provide food to your child, you can seek for their help. They can save your child from suffering from Malnutrition. They reach out to schools that are in poor condition and avail lunches for the children studying there.

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The Emergency Food Assistance Program

EAP stands for Emergency Food Assistance Program. This program is run by the federal government. Single mothers may seek food from them if they do not have money to buy it.

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for needy families (TANF) makes sure that the family expenditure of food, clothing, and shelter meets the needs of the family. Single moms are also benefited from this program in times of emergency. TANF is a trusted name when it comes to helping families in need. They provide you with the money to meet all your children’s basic expenditure. The grant amount is $8 per day for one child. If we talk about the grant provided to the families is available for 60 months. This grant amount varies from state to state in the U.S. If you are a single mother of a 19-year-old child, you can still apply for this grant.

Public Housing Program

These public Housing programs are made to help low-income families. The Public housing authority helps those who fit into their low- income criteria with proper houses. They check your family size and your annual income before providing the houses to you. Single mothers from low-income families can secure a house for their families through this program. If you are searching for a house in your area, contact and dig out some information about local public housing in your vicinity.

Section 8 Rental Subsidy

If you are a single mother earning a considerably low salary, you can get rental assistance from the Section 8 Rental Subsidy Program. They help in paying the rent cost to the landlord. This program has certain eligibility criteria for getting housing for the low-income people. The applicant must be a single mother with a low yearly income. Her yearly income should be less than 80% of the annual gross income. You also need to provide tails regarding the family members. They look after the cases very precisely and only grant the authentic ones. Only apply to this program when you genuinely need money. The 70% of your entitled rent will be paid by the government program while the30% is your responsibility.

Diversion Cash Assistance

It is also called as emergency Cash Assistance. This funding is provided to people when they face an emergency financial crisis. Single mothers who need money on an urgent basis can get funds from here. The grant amount is $1000.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

‘When you have electrical appliances at home, it becomes difficult to pay the electricity bill when your earning is limited. Households with low income can get the funding for energy appliances.

This reduces their utility bills and could help single moms to manage their finances. You need not worry about the huge bills as the bill is directly paid to the utility company. You can apply for this grant when your income exceeds 60% of the median income. In this way, this program assists low-income households financially.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Assistance program supports low-income families. This program is determined to help single moms and senior citizens. They are assisted on a priority basis. If your income is less than 200% of the poverty line, you are eligible to apply for this program.

Supplemental Security Income

Usually, people with disabilities find it troublesome to get a decent–paying job. Elderly people also face financial issues in the old age. Supplemental Security Income provides financial assistance to such people. If you lie in this category, your chances of getting the grant are very high. Single mothers can apply for this program by visiting their official website www.ssa.gov.

Unemployment Insurance

The Department of Labour governs the Unemployment Insurance Program and provides weekly compensation to the people who have no jobs. Single moms can also find difficulty in finding jobs. Until they find a job, this program can help single moms to assist their families. The grant amount ranges from $235 to $795. This money seems to be enough to help your children and suffice their basic needs till you find a job. If you want to apply for this program, you need to go to the State unemployment agency.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Tax can be a painful thing when you have a limited income. The government of the United States of America has come up with a program called Earned Income Tax Credit which enables relief from taxes. They provide this relief in terms of the tax credit. The tax credit depends on the money you earn and the number of children you have in your family. Hence, it’s a very good option for single mothers to save some money.

Paid Family Leave

If you are a single mom, you can understand the struggle that one has to go through to maintain a balance between work and life. You also need to take leave from work in order to spend time with your kids. But going on a holiday means you have to spend some money. This grant gives you partial pay when you go on leave. In this way, single moms do not have to worry about the money, when they are on a leave.

Grants for American Indian and Alaska Natives

As the name suggests, this grant is available for the residents of the United States of America, India, and Alaska. If you live in any of the countries then you can get benefit from this program. To get more information.

Child Care Assistance Program

Child care assistance helps low-income families. Single moms that come from low-income family face issues while maintaining the expenses for child care. To get assistance from this program, you should pass their eligibility criteria for the income

Child Care Access Means Parents In-School Program

Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program is run by the federal government that is designed to help low-income parents with their child care. They make sure that the children from low-income families also get proper care and education. If you are a single mother, you can get assistance for your child through this program.

The Federal Pell Grant

 The grant is popular for helping the single mothers but single fathers can also avail help from them. They have various plans to support the single moms who are struggling with low salary to make their ends meet.  The mothers, who had to stop their education because of some financial constraints, are provided the opportunity to restart their higher studies. As soon as their education completes, they can apply for high income jobs that will stabilize their financial condition.  Single mothers can apply to this grant by filling an application form.

 Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants

 If you are a single mom and were not able to finish your education in the past, here is an opportunity to finish it now. If you aspire to study more in spite being a single mother from an economically low- background, here is good news for you. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity grants provides money to single moms who want to complete their education. The grant money varies from $100 to $4000. You just need to go through the application procedure.  As the procedure is same as that of federal student aid, you may visit federal student aid office to fill the form. Just make sure that you are able to give a right and valid reason regarding why you left your education in the middle.

How can Free grants help single moms?

Being a single mom, you have to sometimes face the harsh realities of life. The poor economic condition and responsibility of a child can be very stressful at times. If a single mom feels stranded in hard conditions then, she can get help from the grants provided by Federal and State governments, private and non-profit organizations, churches, and charities. Universities and colleges also carry out some programs to help the single mothers. So, if you are a single mom, apply for these grants and get benefits from them as early as possible.

The government, organizations, churches, and various agencies are there to help you and your children. If you are able to explain your poor financial conditions to them, they will surely help you if your suffering is genuine enough. They will provide help with everything right from food, education, shelter, etc. If you portray the right story of your child’s suffering, they will surely get convinced. Do not make stories just for the sake of making them. Make sure that every word you speak is true. You could not fool the organization by giving misinformation. If your need is the genuine one, your chance of getting the grants will surely increase.


We know that the job of a single mother is very tough. We understand the critical situations that the single mother has to go through when he has a low- income. He has to struggle for providing basic needs like food, shelter for his children and other family members. The job is tough but there is a solution to lessen his miseries. The solution is the grants that are available for single mothers. Yes, there are grants provided by various non-profit organizations that can help him in sustaining his family’s needs. You just need to carry out simple research in deciding what is the best grant or scholarship for you. Fill out their application form and once you suffice the eligibility criteria, you will get the grants within no time.

Frequently Asked Question on Grants for Single Moms

Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked, read them to get more information.

How to apply for a single mother female owed small business grant

It does not matter whether you are a single mother or a single father when you have to run a business. If you want money to run your business there are several government and non-government organizations that can help you. You just need to fill an online application form. This can do online or by visiting the local office of the organization. You can contact them to know further details regarding the process.

How do I get a grant for bills

Some programs can help you when you are not able to pay your utility bills. These bills include the bills from electric appliances like gas, heater, and iron or phone bill also. Particularly, Low-income energy assistance programs can help you with this problem you can reach out to them through landline or telephone. Check your eligibility criteria before applying for the grant.

Are there grants for single moms to buy a house

Yes, single moms can buy the house with their own money. Some grants help single moms to buy a house. One of the popular housing programs that can help single moms with this problem is the HUD program. Many single mothers face eviction when they fail to pay their rent. This places them in a critical condition as now they have to worry about providing shelter to their child and family. If she is from a poor economic background, renting a hotel is also out of the option. To save them from such miserable conditions, HUD provides assistance with rent money. HUD Rental Assistance Program falls under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. That means, the government body of the control holds the responsibility to pay the rent. The rent is directly paid to the landlord and all the renting costs of a house are borne by the government. Habitat for Humanity and the Nehemiah Foundation are also some organizations that can help you in buying the house.

How can single parents get financial help

There exists several ways that offer financial help to single parents. You can search for these programs online or you can also check out this article to know more about such programs that will assist single parents financially.

How to apply for a single mother female owed small business grant

It does not matter whether you are a single mother or a single father when you have to run a business. If you want money to run your business there are several government and non-government organizations that can help you. You just need to fill an online application form. This can do online or by visiting the local office of the organization. You can contact them to know further details regarding the process.

How do I get a grant for bills

Some programs can help you when you are not able to pay your utility bills. These bills include the bills from electric appliances like gas, heater, and iron or phone bill also. Particularly, Low-income energy assistance programs can help you with this problem you can reach out to them through landline or telephone. Check your eligibility criteria before applying for the grant.

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